AGM 2017

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AGM Summary from 7th November 2017:

Financial Report
  • The 2017 financial position was discussed - no comments from attendees and was signed off.
Dam Inspection
  • Report received from Engineer and only minor works required by club in 2018.
  • Club to review the grill to the main overflow and also the mesh size to the overflow fence below the bridge. The area to the downstream side of the dam to be cleared of vegetation.
  • Members were asked if the club should pursue down grading the SEPA Risk Category of the Dam. If challenge direct to SEPA, likely to cost thousands of pounds and no guarantee that the risk will be lowered. Agreed that maybe a letter to the local MSP in first instance may be better approach. Committee to review early in 2018 and draft letter for submission in Q2 2018.
Work parties.
  • It was agreed that the club would continue with the £20 incentive through the 2018 season, and to continue with the work party on the last Sunday of each month.
  • A proposal was raised regarding having a work party on a Saturday, as some members struggle with Sunday attendance. It was agreed to trial in early 2018, and if response good will continue with a Saturday and Sunday work party each month going forward.
  • An issue was raised regarding the need for Bailiffs! It was stated that prior to 2017, the checking of tickets etc. was undertaken by Committee Members. A vote was taken and the majority voted in favour of bailiffs continuing through the 2018 season.
  • Number of Bailiffs to be confirmed but envisaged that it will remain the same with Stevie, Stuart and Kenny. 
  • Dam works - as detailed in item above.
  • A hard standing is to be formed adjacent to the portable toilet as the Bordaloo tanker has got stuck in the soft ground in October.
  • Tree trimming - it was agreed that a number of trees overhanging swims required trimming back. Concern raised regarding extent of cut and it was agreed that the process needed to be controlled and managed.
  • Notice Board - point raised that the current board is falling apart. Stuart said that he could work on this and replace the upper timber frame and Perspex. Cost to be passed to Treasurer.
Portable Toilet.
  • Agreed that the club will stick with Bordaloo as they provide a good reliable service.
  • Same process to remain in 2018 with multiple cleaning/service visits during the busy spring/summer/autumn period.
  • Advisory signs inside toilet cubicle appear to be working.
  • Issue raised regarding club members bringing dogs to the lake, especially overnight and for extended periods! The public are asked to keep their dogs on a lead, but some members dogs appear to be running free. A vote was taken and it was agreed that members can continue to bring dogs to the lake, but they must be kept under control at all times.
  • Some uncertainty if Mike Douglas is to continue as Club Secretary. It was agreed that if Mike does step down, Dave Powell will step in.
  • The Vice Chairman position is to filled by Brian Warnock
  • Chairman - Stevie Deacon
  • Treasurer - Nick Boyce. Nick to continue through 2018 before standing down.
  • Non Exec Committee members - Stuart Warnock, Bruce Taylor, Brian Pepper, Jonny Ferguson and Kenny Syme.
  • Gillian and Craig Lowrie stepping down from Committee.
2018 tickets.
  • Ticket prices for 2018 to remain at 2017 level.
  • Review to be undertaken in mid 2018 as to level for 2019 due to increasing prices for goods and services required by club.
Fish Stocking
  • It was agreed that further stocking in Q1 2018 would be undertaken.
  • Discussion around size and quantity but agreed that carp in the 5lb - 10lb range would be stocked and a further batch of small tench in the 8 - 12inch size range.
  • Value of stocking to be maximum of £4,000 (inc VAT).
Any Other Business.
  • Carp Match. A 2018 match to be arranged for early summer. Date and details to be issued early in 2018.
  • Tickets. 2018 tickets will again be available through PayPal and from Border Angling Centre in Gala. PayPal site being set up and should be live by late November.