Juan Kerr
Scooters owned Yeah wll there's been a few over the years and I dare sy I've fogotten more than a couple. Best guess.......

PK 50 S

PX 125 ELF

P 125 ETS

Li 150 Chop with 175 kit and some Fresco pipe

PX 125 T5, standard

Pinasco 213 twin inducton

Got bored, PX 125 T5 with Pinasco 162 and Mikeck

GP 150 shed, some kit, UTK Fresco and missing at least 50% of bolts

P210 Malossi

V100 with 4 cogs and a tuned Polini 130 on big carb

V90 with 4 cogs and an even more tuned Polini on a big carb

Stupidly tunrd ETS / Polini on a huge carb.

T5 Classic on a Polini 152

Polini 207 shed

Several short stoke smalframes.

I could go on but I've bored muself.
Interests Fucking,drinking,scooters and arguing.
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