Smash Bros: NC Smash 4 Chronicles

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Smash Bros: NC Smash 4 Chronicles

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Smash Bros: NC Smash 4 Chronicles
Sunday, March 19th

Come and take part in the first chapter of the "NC Smash 4 Chronicles" tournament series, held at Atomic Empire.

For any questions please contact us by email:

Doors Open: 11 am
Registration for Doubles closes: 12:30 pm
Doubles Start: 1 pm
Registration for Singles closes: 2:30 pm
Singles Start: 3 pm
Registration for 5v5 Crews closes: 4:30 pm
5v5 Crews Start: 5 pm

Do your best to arrive before registration close. If you can't make it in time please message the head TO, or post in the NC smash 4 group or event that you are coming.

If you fail to do one of these two things (show up on time or message) once registration closes but come before the event starts, emergency entry is available: the entry fee will go up to $10 and you will be given bottom seed.

Venue Fee: $7
Singles Fee: $5
Doubles Fee: $10 ($5 per person)
Crews Fee: $25 ($5 per person)
*If less then 4 Crews come the Crews event will be free.

Venue fee is waived for the FIRST 10 setups brought*

*setup requires all relevant DLC (Dreamland, DLC characters, latest update), a monitor, adapter (Lagless setups please)

If you wish to commentate for the steam, please talk to the head TO between 11am-1pm for Doubles and 1pm -3pm Singles to see if you can commentate and get paired up for a time slot.

Singles: X > 32: top 3 60/30/10
32-47: top 4 50/25/15/10
48+: top 8 40/20/15/10/5/5/2.5/2.5
Top 8 will be best of 5.

X > 16: top 3 60/30/10
16-31: top 4 50/25/15/10
32+: top 8 40/20/15/10/5/5/2.5/2.5

Tournament will be Double Elimination. Games will be played with 2 stocks/6 minutes in singles and 3 stocks/8 minutes in doubles and Crews. Only 1111 Variations of the Standard Mii are allowed. Customs OFF, all DLC characters are playable. Items are OFF.

Starter Stages: FD

Counterpicks: Town and City
Omega Wily
Omega Midgar

First ban is decided by the winner of RPS. After that, the other player chooses from the remaining 2 stages.

All matches following are 1 ban, no DSR. Battlefield and Dreamland are connected, FD and Omegas are connected.

If an unnecessary pause occurs, the player who didn't pause can decide to require the other player to either SD, unpause and continue, or unpause and reset to neutral.
Ties as a result of Time-out are determined by Stock, then percentage. If both these are the same, then a 3-minute, 1-stock match will be played out.
For suicide moves, the winner will be declared by victory screen. In the case of a sudden death, a 1 stock 3 minute match will be played out.
All controllers are legal except gamepads, as long as they do not interfere with gameplay. If you are done with a set, make sure to unsync your device so that you don't interfere with the next set.
All matches will be best of 3, except for top 8, which will be best of 5.

Gentleman's rule is NOT in effect.
More information is coming under way.
For any questions please contact us by email:
And don't forget to follow us on twitter: @XSlash_Gaming
and like CrossSlash Gaming on Facebook
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