Ixalan Sealed League (5 week league)

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Ixalan Sealed League (5 week league)

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Ixalan Sealed League
Begins: Wed, Oct 4th (5 week league) - Ends: Wed, Nov 8th

Join us for the Ixalan league! Players start with 6 packs of Ixalan to build a 40-card deck. Each week, players can add one pack to their card-pool. League product will be available for pickup starting at 5pm each week.

ENTRY FEE: $40 Total (for all 5 weeks - 10 total packs)

RULES LEVEL: Regular (For casual and beginner players)

SIGN UP: To sign up players can pre-register for the league online. Players can also wait to attend the first Magic League Night on Wednesday, Oct 4th at 5pm to sign up and begin deck-building with their sealed pool. Once the league starts new players can sign up during league play. League play will begin each week on Wednesday at 6pm.

Week 1: Oct 4 - Oct 11 at 6pm
Week 2: Oct 11 - Oct 18 at 6pm
Week 3: Oct 18 - Oct 25 at 6pm
Week 4: Oct 25 - Nov 1 at 6pm
Week 5: Nov 1 – Nov 8 at 6pm

For more info and to pre-register, visit HERE!
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