Comics: What Can I Say Except "You're Welcome"?

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Comics: What Can I Say Except "You're Welcome"?

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Hi everyone:

This month we have previews of Slots, and reviews of Star Wars Adventures, Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Captain Phasma and Harley Quinn: 25th Anniversary Special.

Slots (Image Comics / Skybound) - This story is about a former boxer looking to return and all of the people left in his wake as he swindles his way back into Las Vegas, which isn't as happy about his return. Our main character, Stanley Dance, has used up all of his luck and returns to former friends and an estranged son with his hat in hand.

The biggest draw for this comic is that it is created, written and illustrated by well known and prolific artist Dan Panosian. His work can be seen throughout Marvel, DC Comics and independent publishers, whether as a cover artist or different aspects of interior art. The palette of this comic is dusty and muted earthy colors, which matches the faded glory and the setting of the book.

Release Date: October 4, 2017.

Star Wars Adventures (IDW Publishing) - This book is split up into two stories per issue, from a variety of places within the Star Wars universe, ranging from iconic characters, to more esoteric and still entertaining side stories. For example, the first story is a fun venture into Rey's point of view from Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The second story is told by the grandson of rebel hero Milo Graf from the Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space novels, about the Old Republic and other tales related more directly to Episode IV: A New Hope.

These stories are vignettes of a larger story, and meant to captivate a younger audience probably around the 8-12 years old age range, but they do not over-simplify the lore. I think that could be a good step-stone into learning more about the universe which is vast and highly detailed.

Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Captain Phasma (Marvel Comics) -
The title of this series explains the concept: Looking forward to the next Star Wars movie? Have this comic about a character to whet your appetite until the Last Jedi comes out! Filled with shattering sound effects, gorgeous space dogfights and one of the neatest antagonists from this latest chapter of Star Wars, I really enjoy where this series is going. And now I'm even more excited about The Last Jedi. Good job, comics!

Harley Quinn: 25th Anniversary Special (DC Comics) - Just in time for Batman Day (September 23), Harley Quinn celebrates twenty five years of hilarity, hijinks and violence. As is her M.O., Harley bounces from Vegas parties to birthdays past and excellent cake decorations, through costume changes and cameo appearances, to a fistfight with Swamp Thing and stopping a hurricane. Don't ask.

Better yet, come join in on the fun!

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