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Comics: Let Our Powers Combine...

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22 Jul 2017, 14:13 #1

Hello all:
Dee here, with three solid this month: Rocket Girl, Gasolina and Dead of Winter.

Rocket Girl (Image Comics): This is a creator-owned series from artist Amy Reeder and writer Brandon Montclare, of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur fame, and they flourish in this format. Previously canceled, this series picks up right where it left off, with Dayoung Johansson, teen cop, using a time machine to save the future. Again. The character designs are interesting, and the panels move and bend with the dynamic action and fast-paced storytelling. Even the panels regarding how the future changes are lovely to look at.

I was delighted by the issues that were available for me to read, and I wanted more. Since I got previews for multiple issues, I got to see some of the major plot and character development which you don't get a good picture of with most one-issue previews. For anyone interested in this series, I suggest ordering the original trade to get the setup for this continuation of the story.

Gasolina (Image Comics): Newlyweds Randy and Amalia are fugitives returning to Mexico from El Norte, who encounter a new cartel that brings a new level of violence through more inhuman and monstrous means. So far, it is an excuse to kill people with giant, flesh-eating bugs.

I found that the comic doesn't stop to explain or translate the snippets of Spanish in the issue. The biggest things to note are the real-life tactics of drug cartels included beheading other cartel members and leaving the heads to be discovered by the police in the most sensational ways possible, near the American border.

The creative minds behind Gasolina are Sean Mackiewicz (editor for Walking Dead, Invincible, Outcast and Thief of Thieves), art from Niko Walter (Demonic and Accelerators) and colorist Mat Lopes (Vampirella, Black Bat, X-Files: Year Zero, and Robin:Son of Batman). This is a Mature horror title (mostly gore, violence and some sexual themes).

I'm not a huge fan of serious horror titles, but this story might appeal to you.

Release Date: September 20

Dead of Winter (Oni Press): This is a quirky zombie apocalypse story, based off the incredibly popular tabletop board game, Dead of Winter. It's written by the author of the Rick and Morty comic, and it's described as "Air Bud meets the Walking Dead". The hook to this zombie story is the main character is the dog Sparky, a former TV actor with an absolute hatred for zombies. The supporting cast of humans keep the story moving with their need for medical supplies, food and human contact.

The script is pretty funny, and the pacing is quite good, so I consider it similar in style to Shaun of the Dead (SotD is superior, albeit a lack of Super-Dog).

And so the zombie slaughter continues to amuse and delight kids of all ages. By which I mean this is a definite teen plus title (zombie violence and language).

Release Date: August 2


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