35th anniversary: Martha’s Scene Writing Challenge

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September 12th, 2018, 8:01 am #1

I know this is for attendees only and those may already know about it from the FB page.
But it makes me feel so exciting and speical to become part of this event with all theses amazing ideas the comittee (and others) come up with.

*** Martha’s Scene Writing Challenge
Have you ever wanted to hear actors speak your words? Here is your chance! Martha has issued a scene writing challenge for those attending the SMK 35th Anniversary event. Submit a short scene for consideration following the below rules, and Martha will choose a maximum of 3 scenes for the cast to perform in a table reading format at the event. Attendees will vote on their favorite scene, and the winner will get a prize of Martha’s choosing. She’s currently thinking about the prize; it will likely involve some signed merchandise.
Rules for the scene:
- It must be short enough to be read aloud in roughly 5 minutes.
- It must be submitted in script format.
- You may submit more than one scene, but Martha will only choose one scene per author.
- It should include some or all the cast members who are attending the event. Martha understands people would want to include characters whose portrayers will not be there (Amanda, Billy, Dotty, Phillip, etc.). She will find a way to represent those people if the chosen scene requires it.
- It must be sent to smkanniversary@yahoo.com by Friday, October 12th with the subject line MARTHA’S SCENE WRITING CHALLENGE. You will be notified when your scene has been received, but you will not be notified if it has been chosen. That will be a surprise at the event.
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