The Basics....

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Welcome to Scale Avenue!!...

We aim to keep this site family-friendly in every way possible. Just a quick overview of some of the basic rules that are set in place:

1) Please use proper sentence structure, including capitalization, proper punctuation, etc..
2) Please interact with others here as you would in person. Rudeness and inconsideration will NOT be tolerated!
3) This forum is a place to come to relax and enjoy automotive modeling. No competition, no put-downs. But rather a friendly, encouraging atmosphere for all.
4) PLEASE keep your photo quality clear and concise. Model building is about detail, and here on the web, photos are all we have to go by. Any sub-standard or out of focus photos will be deleted to maintain the professional look of the site.
5) Please keep double-posting to a minimum.

These rules are subject to change/modification by the Administrators without notice. Please abide by them to make your time with us trouble-free. Thanks for looking and joining!
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