Making Realistic Looking Rubber hoses. (By Ricky)

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Making Realistic Looking Rubber hoses. (By Ricky)

1.This is what I made to use in my LSR Thunderbird; so I thought I would share how I did it.

2. What you will need: aluminum/brass tubing in size you desire; shrink tubing in whichever color you desire and just a bit larger than the tubing; small stranded wire – I use wire from telephone handset cords; and a heat source . Another option is to use 24 or 26 gauge beading wire. Since we are using heat, CustomMike and Train Wreck Pete should have adult supervision.

3. I cut a small slot into the end of the tubing to help hold the wire in place as I wrap it around the tubing. Wrap in the same way you do for making coil springs. Once wrapped, tape the end in place to keep from unwinding.

4. Slip shrink sleeve over the tubing and wire and begin applying heat. I usually apply heat until the heatshrink begins to get just a bit glossy looking

5. The trick to the whole process is pulling the wire out of the shrink sleeve once it has cooled. Just wrap it around your finger and begin pulling straight down. Another option is using the beading wire and leaving it in the tubing; this allows for bending without kinking.

6. Slip the hose from the tubing and cut it to the size you need.

Pros: simple to make, looks very realistic, can be made in a few different colors.

Cons: difficult to bend without crimping the hose. I have tried slipping it over a piece of bent tubing, it works alright but there is still some kinking in the bend. * If you use beading wire and place the wire in the center of your bend area, then kinking will be kept to a minimum.
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