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Location Podunkville, USA--The Ozarks on the old Haney Place
Interests Vintage race cars. Early Sprints, Track Roadsters, Supers, Junkers. Next would be Apple Pie, Roasted Chicken, and just good eating in general. Oh yes, old Tractors. I still work a 39 model. Its ugly but pretty don't grow corn. I am a single retired guy and can build all the kits I want, that is, when I get time to do it!! To sum me up: Retired, no job, broke, single, farmer, nut-case, old fart, full of it, story teller, champion at the liars club, thrown out of liars club for lying, B.S. artist, Fabricator, Machinist, overweight, gloo bomb builder AND I share my home with a guard Kat named Anthrax.

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Ordinarily I am insane, but I do have lucid moments where I am merely stupid.
I never TRY to hit another car. But when I do I make sure its a Prius.