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Welcome to Scale Racing Lobby,we hope that your visit here is a fun one but we have to set a few rules to abide by.
1. Please try to fill in most of the info in your profile. It`s good to know a little about the members. If you like you can put your name in your signature.
2. No profanity of any kind,we never know who might be looking.
3. No bashing of any member or other Forums
4. No posting of nude material
5. No argueing on the board, if you have a disagreement with someone take it to E-mail or PM.
6. No posting photos of builds with anything political such as Confederate Flags, Nazi emblems and ETC.
7. All photo's,No bigger than 640x480.
8. Try to limit it to 4 pics(640 x 480) per post, If you need more pics for a How To try to keep it as few as you can. If you can use Clickable Thumbnails , You may use up to 8 pics. Both use the same amount of band width. We have to try and save on Band Width
9. Try not to Promote in your post, post links to products in the link section, any question submit to admin.
10. Any violation of the above will be subject to Warning, Account deletion will result if it continues.
11. Just remember this is an OPEN forum, all are welcome.
12. Have good , clean fun and keep the hobby alive. Just have a great time,enjoy the hobby

The Scale Racing Lobby is in NO Way responsible for any deals, trades, buying or selling made while on the Lobby. Each member is solely responsible for their own dealings. Management will Not be held responsible.