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2018 SNRA Late Models moved to Plastic Model Circle Track Race Cars

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May 11th, 2018, 11:20 pm #1

Hello all,
I thank all of you who have participated in the SNRA over the last couple of years. It is no secret our numbers are dwindling and participation on the Lobby except in the racing series is at a near standstill. Some of you have still done your best, and it has been noticed and appreciated. I have no means or time to run this forum, but as the promoter, commissioner or whatever I am of the SNRA I have made the decision to save the series by moving it. It is all pretend of course, but to avoid the need to recruit and place drivers in my own older builds, ask others to do so, and increase participation and bring in new entries, the SNRA has begun an affiliation with the Facebook group, Plastic Model Circle Track Race Cars Group. As of this writing there are 32 entries for the May 26 start date.

Most of us have probably visited several of these groups recently and I found this one to be the most, positive, supportive, and fun-loving group I have ever seen on the Facebook. Many Lobby members who were once active on the Lobby are very active and supportive on this group. There is never a cross word, and going into groups like this shields you from all the political and other BS that you can be subjected to on the Facebook news feed. Pictures post straight from your computer, no more Photobucket shenanigans. The PMCTRCG is for circle track race car and truck builders only.

I could not pay people to post here, nor could I advertise this forum any more than I always did, through good will and word of mouth. The SNRA has moved for its survival. The owner or head of this Forum, if there even is one, responds to no one and apparently is no longer interested. The least he could do is explain it or shut it down in my opinion, then at least the few left here would know what is happening. However, I can only say that people are free to post or not post wherever and whenever they like, this is a free country. Nothing in the world is static or stationary, everything changes. If anyone wants to have a go at a series here, they are perfectly free to do so. I have nothing to say about it and will be busy elsewhere. It seems the Lobby is currently a rudderless ship without a captain. If someone figures how to step up and be the captain, I wish you nothing but the best of luck and I truly mean that!

So, I thank you ALL for all the fun we have had here and I hope you check out the Plastic Model Circle Track Racers group, join in and continue on in the SNRA's 10th season. If not, be prosperous and be happy. I feel blessed to have had the Lobby and friendship with its founders as long as I did. God's blessings to all of you.

Dave Bayer
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