New Rules for 2015!

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Ancient One
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Short and sweet.

1. Admins and moderators have the final say with any issue that may arrise (Which rarely happens. We have a very sweet and polite fandom)

Currently, your active mods are Ty-Chou and LegendsGuardian.

2. Be kind and polite to other members

3.Please try to stay on topic as best as possible. Try not to over-use one-liners.

4. This board is not a platform for any personal, social, political or religous agenda. This board is about one show- a show we all love. If there are multiple attempts to
derail our main topic and turn it into something else, those members have been and will be asked to leave.

5. Samurai Fanservice is roughly a PG-13 rated board. We don't mind a little cursing, but don't want to see F-bombs, racial/hateful slurs, graphically sexual art or fanfics. R rated fics with strong language and violence, we ask that only a link with proper warnings be posted and not the actual content. Fics and art with strong sexual themes of ANY sexual preference such as pornography, smut, lemons. PWPs, 18+ etc are not allowed on the board AT ALL. Not even in a link format.

If you have something you want to post and you're not sure if it's okay or not, please contact an admin or mod to look at it first.

6. Shounen ai/shoujo ai related content is only allowed in certain parts of the board. We do this because A- Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers is not a shounen ai series. And B- non yaoi fans have always made up a large majority of this board's members. That said, we do recognize that shounen-ai is a part of the fandom and we have provided places where that topic can be posted and discussed. The Gay Bar is the main area for this content. It can also be posted in your personal Ronin Collection if you have one. Lastly, the misc anime section IF the anime/manga series is cannonly a shounen ai/shoujo ai series. The same rating restrictions still apply.

If you break a rule, depending on the severity of the rule, you will be subjected to any, some, or all of the following:

Temporary suspension
Freezing of Ronin Collection
Removal of Ronin Collection
Permanent ban
Removal of account

Board Policy of posting art, book scans, doujinshi, merchandise, etc:

Here at the year 2015, many of the original fan pages are down and through the years, avid fans have squirrelled away pics they liked from these pages. We have sections of the board that invite people to share this media so that the fan community can continue to have access to it. We recognize the fact that these people often are not the original scanners and do not own the merchandise, nor will they always remember where they first found said content. We encourage the sharing anyway in the spirit of keeping the community alive and informed.

If something is posted and the original owner of the scan comes forth- proving they are the owner- and, for whatever strange reason, does not want to share with their fellow fans, we will take the content down upon request.

Non-published fan art (fan art not contained in purchased doujinshi in book format) MUST be posted with some sort of credit to the artist. Any proper links siting the artist must be provided if available.

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