9th Gotcha Day

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9th Gotcha Day

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9 years it is since this happened and he entered my life: http://www.lurcherlink.org/llink/forum/ ... ght=barney

Flash's face (originally called Barney) has gone a bit whiter, but other than that, he is still the nutty dog he has always been. I am not sure where the "x collie" went as he seems to have grown up into a full saluki, but of course who knows... :lol:

Of all the plans I had with him? Well, he did competitive obedience (would you believe it.

He passed his Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards all the way up to Gold:

And he loved a bit of agility:

Flash was even on TV. How about that...!

Unfortunately due to degenerative disc disease he is no longer allowed to do obedience or agility, but he loves some general pet obedience and doggie dancing type stuff still. (Luckily it doesn't affect him in any other way and at the moment doesn't seem to be very degenerative at all despite what the vet said).

I love my crazy dog! He'll be 10 in a couple of month. I will always be grateful to LL for letting me have him. :D
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