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These are the rules to the site point blank, most of them, as you will see go without saying but still here is a comprehensive list of rules. The violation of one or more of these rules will be disciplined; discipline will be handed out according the severity of the rule breaking. If you have an questions or concerns please contact either me or the other site admin Prof. Johnathan Jones

RULE 1: BE NICE! No seriously, just have a good attitude and be patient and kind with people. Not saying your character has to like everyone but you out of character should just be in a good mood and try and never do anything out of spite.

RULE 2: Stay within the rules of Roleplaying (RPing). There is a 'how to'' on RPing in the Help Desk section of the site to help you get started if you’re a newcomer, if your not then just respect the rules of the site. REMINDER: Your posts must be at least 5 sentences long in order to be counted .(This does not apply to those of you with learning disabilities that have been made aware to the Admins).

RULE 3: Special powers and abilities such as but not limited to; Empathy, Telekinesis, Elemental Control, Premonitions (ect.) are to approved by one or both of the Admins. You can read the rules for applying at Wall of Powers, as well as the qualifications for certain powers and abilities.

RULE 4: Don’t SPAM, it’s rude. Plus, you don’t like that in your email why would you want it on an RP site? Also no advertising, Google does enough of that plus people may be trying to trick you into getting harmful viruses just don’t do it please.

RULE 5: Please refrain from GOD-moding. Which is basically when you post and in your post control another person such as ( *Anthony walks up to Ryan and Ryan backs away because he is scared*). If you agree beforehand that your character may be ‘walked in’ or ‘walked out’ by the other character that is fine if such proof of the agreement is provided. ALSO, when doing physical actions to another character such as (*Marie pushes Christine into the fountain* or *Christine kisses Anthony*) you must ask permission in your post such as (*Temperance kisses Ryan if allowed*) giving the other RPer a chance to accept or reject your action,

RULE 6: OOC (Out of Character) conversations should be kept mostly in the CBOX at the bottom of the page. If you must in a thread to clarify something then that’s okay. Also we would prefer if you used character names instead of actual names on the site but we can understand a slip here and there if you are good friends. ALSO, this goes for the other way around please don't RP in the CBOX, it's for letting people know you posted or for talking about your day..the board and topics are for RPing.

RULE 7: No harassing other members, this goes along with Rule 1 of being nice but this also includes character hatred. There is a difference between you and another character having a legitimate beef as CHARACTERS but out of character I expect both parties be friends and are agreeing to the terms of each character’s relationships. For example if you and another character are dating then both parties must be in agreement OOC same goes for rivalries.

RULE 8: Roleplays (RPs) that are finished (both characters leave scene or it is stated the rp is over in some form in the post) are then closed. Consider the closed RP a part of your characters history. You don’t literally have to edit your character profiles but these RPs are considered part of your characters progression. Once your character moves up in years and age then previous finished RPs will be relevant to your characters life in some way. Unfinished RP’s are archived after inactivity for over a month. If you chose to finish you must contact an Admin to find it for you so you can finish, otherwise they are not considered part of your characters history.

RULE 9: No "cannon characters" unless per-approved by the Site Admins themselves. If you are unfamiliar with this term that means no characters related too characters from the Harry Potter (or any other fandom) World. (i.e Albus Severus Potter or Scorpius Malfoy). Besides this takes place nearly sixty years after the events in the book series took place meaning that all of those people are very old now and all characters that are currently descendants are a generation removed from those characters.

RULE 10: Double-accounts are allowed, but your new account will be banned if you do not inform the Admins about it. We like to keep track of who's who for our own sanity and so to put your characters inactive if you go inactive. Don't worry if you want to keep it a mystery for others on the board that's fine we won't tell anyone but you have to tell us. Remember to tell us if you want your characters to be in different years so they will be edited appropriately. We now do not let people edit their own profiles. If you want bits of information like your wand or age or whatever added you must PM and Admin to let them know so they can edit it for you.

RULE 11: All signatures must be no bigger than 500x500 pixels (width length can be negotiated). Below I will post a blank size of how big that is and your signature will now have to fit that limit. If we see that it does not than we will edit your signature and instead of an image it will be big ugly letters saying that your picture was in violation of Rule 11. So just make sure it's cute and concise. If you do not know how to add a signature or make one then you should ask your Head Student or an Admin and if they can't make one themselves for you they will direct you to someone who can.



Thank you for taking your time to read these, if you have any questions (which I know you must!) Feel free to Personal Message (PM) either of the Site Admins or Salem (The Sorting Cat). The Sorting Quiz is here and the House Meanings are here.