Here is a claim that even Doc Mike O"LEARY of OHP hasn't made----

Here is a claim that even Doc Mike O"LEARY of OHP hasn't made----

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Wow!! could this be true? Drop 20-25 strokes overnight??
What do you think? A recent e-mail i recived.

Drop 20-25 Strokes Overnight

Golfers, it's time to experience playing with talent and I would like you to consider a simpler move. Swinging with fast hands through impact is not the only way to compress a golf ball. More focus needs to be placed on MAINTAINING SHAFT FLEX. When your shaft does the work for you, this is where the effortless feeling comes from.

If you have already purchased the TALY MIND Set® then you are aware of the two main swings that we demonstrate:

1) the "without swinging your arms" body swing, and
2) the "vertical arm drop" arm swing.

But there is a third move which, like the first one, does not require you to swing your arms. It's called the TALY PullPush Move. We pull the red ball back as far as we can go, and then we push it into impact (see images below). We do not swing the club.

Please take the opportunity to try it out tonight and I recommend that, at the very least, you incorporate it into your short game for chipping.

This move produces powerful and repeatable golf shots that can be used with all clubs in your bag. If you can eliminate one chip or putt per hole, that's 18 strokes already.

An additional benefit is that the PullPush move will eliminate your fat and thin hits. This happens because you no longer have a wrist hinge occurring which changes the radius of your swing.