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Count Yogi

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I know some of the members have tried the Yogi method in the past and I recently noticed there is a Count Yogi facebook page with some video, pictures and audio and also some new video of the count, Tim Nicholls and his students on the Count Yogi website.

After studying the videos and rereading "5 simple steps to perfect golf" I (mid hcap) couldn't resist the urge and played my last 2 rounds using my interpretation of the method.

Didn't use the short or putting method (use Symple putting), but full swings are very nice except with the big headed driver. About 1/2+ a club longer and higher.

There did seem after looking at Mr Nicholls and his students swings that there was a little similarity with the Don Trahan method with regards to the vertical club.

Anyway, nice to see "The Count" in action.