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November 18th, 2017, 3:38 am #1

Live from the Royal Farms arena, Baltimore Maryland!


International Championship

Daniel Collins Vs Kilroy Evans

Evans was a stand out in the haunted house match, and he now poses perhaps Collins greatest threat to his Champpionship.

Industrial Man Attila Balan Vs Beelzebozo

The finalists of the Helloween Cup, Friendly Business, go at it in singles action, continuing this heated rivarly

KGB : "Harbinger of Death" Christian Sebastian Kennedy & "The Soveriegn of SWAT" Paul Soutter Vs Hells Bouncer and Bishop

Careful what you wish for.

Triple V Vile "vince" Viper Vs Mystery Opponent

Triple V just won the haunted house match and now, the fun really starts, as he is scheduled to face a special 'mystery opponent"

Pyschotic Goth Vs Cade Corso Vs Everett “Rock Hard” Aloni Vs“Sadistic Insanity” Damian Payne Vs Brian Brewster Vs Alex Conors

Goth went on a rampage at the Helloween Cup, destroyong all of these scheduled opponents, whom he now meets at once in a free for all.

Marcus White Vs Timeless Alex Turner (with Roxy)

Marcus White was a bit of a loose cannon at the Helloween Cup, he is unhappy in his direction and wants to take matters into his own hands, here is his chance against the techinical wizard and SWAT Superstar, Timeless.

"Knife Edge" Takeda Yokosuda Vs Tatsuo Takeshi

Huge wraps over these two new SWAT signings, and they meet up in Baltimore in singles action.

Logan Burgess Vs Wasabi Vs The Enigmatic Creature

Three new members battling it out with each other.

All rps to be posted here as replies, and all posted are seen by all on SWAT TV (youtube channel). Deadline is Dec 3rd, after which the show will go up one match per day, with rps still able to be posted in that thread as on show segments.

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November 18th, 2017, 11:01 pm #2

[The next morning.]

[Trying to step over a chandelier sticking halfway out of a blood stained banister, LEFT Tentacle almost trips, slipping on some ash that used to be Pro Wrestling Illustrated issues with Adrian Tanner on the cover. The demolished remains of the haunted house set did include most of the inheritance the men bled over. Some of the jet-black wreckage is still smouldering from the previous nights fires and explosions. The victor of that contest has half a mind to sue SWAT for damages. This was going to be his retirement nest egg. Standing twenty feet from the rubble, lost in his thoughts is The DEVIL of SWAT. Even though the scarlet serpent wasn't the official winner - that honour going to his spirit animal, Puppet Adrian Tanner - Vile still has his Backyard crew sifting through the remains of the haunted house searching for treasure.]

>Search burnt out fireplace
There is a Soundy Prototype in the darkened spot.

>TAKE Soundy Prototype

[Spotting Zork Nontext putting a tiny robot in his personal sack, LEFT Tentacle wonders if anything the experienced treasure hunter discovers will actually find its way into Triple V's salvage bin of valuable shit. There is a dumpster a few feet from the driveway labeled "Valuable Shit." If they don't manage to fill it up, Old Scratch will beat them mercilessly. He's kind of abusive. Before LEFT Tentacle can call out Zork on his pilfering ways, he's distracted by the Dog faced luchador and a massive tree wrapped in bandages who are cowering behind the last supporting wall.]

Sirius Man: Psssssst!

LEFT Tentacle: What?

Sirius Man <whispering>: Not so loud. Has the old man mentioned the tag belts yet?

LEFT Tentacle <whispering>: I don't think he knows, but man is he going to be pissed! The only thing he hates worse than clowns and technology are thinly veiled ripoffs of his shtick. You guys might want to leave town before he sees you.

Sirius Man <whispering>: It wasn't our fault!

LEFT Tentacle <whispering>: I can't be seen talking to you!

[The camera moves away from this melodrama, ignoring a dozen other SWAT workers covered in soot, to head over to the king of snakes.]

Vile "Vince" Viper: ...I was ssssssssssso clossse...

[Former SWAT Ultimate champion and Registered Sex Offender, Frank Wilkes, runs over with his cell phone.]

"RSO" Frank Wilkes: New schedule has been released, Vile. Looks like we're heading to Baltimore.

Vile "Vince" Viper: Why can't they stick to the south when it gets colder? How stupid are they? I was so looking forwards to not working for this company again... so did they finally get around to giving me a title ssshot?

"RSO" Frank Wilkes: Nah, Kilroy Evans got the title shot. Apparently after losing to you two months in a row, he turned a lot of heads. ...Or his mother threatened to sue.

Vile "Vince" Viper: I am a ssstar maker. Back when I had my own SSSWAT region, I tried to book it as horribly as possible to embarrass them... how could I have known that it was impossible to trump them on dumb moves. Ok. So I'm still not a contender. What match are they insulting me with this week?

"RSO" Frank Wilkes: They have you taking on a mystery opponent...

Vile "Vince" Viper: What?

[The Freak Show Stoppa snatches the phone out of Wilkes hands, using a red silk handkerchief because he doesn't want his fingerprints on RSO's phone. Looking up and down the line-up, VVV flashes his infamous sneer.]

Vile "Vince" Viper: Well this isn't a half bad show... <chuckle> Psssychotic Goth is taking on five men that really hate him. I wouldn't be surprised if one of those men hadn't already kidnapped Vampira by way of revenge for the Goth's temper tantrum. I mean Damian Payne is my boy, and that fits his MO to a tee. You reap what you sow. Still, that isn't cool. No other SSSWAT region would let a woman be abducted like that. I actually feel sorry for Goth. I chalk the misssogynissstic atmosphere to Sssoutter being pissed that Amazons is the only region people like. Well, I'm sure Vampira will turn up shortly, and god save the innocent men in that match. Moving along... putting Kilroy on top makes sense, after the atrocities I've committed to that poor kid, he deserves a strap. When the rest of the boys see how management rewards people I fuck up, I'm sure I'll be much more popular in the back.

[Despite the handkerchief, there are still scratches as Vile runs a blackened talon across the touch screen. Scrolling across the card, Wilkes can't help but wince at the fate of his iPhone X.]

Vile "Vince" Viper: ...And for falling for that Casino dummy, Sssoutter gets lumped in with the other retards. Taking on Hell's Bouncer and Bishop. I know I hope Soutter dies of some form of ebola that sees shit streaming out of his eyes into his mouth, but I wouldn’t wish having to work those PATHETIC RUBES Hell's Bouncer and Bishop against my WORSSST ENEMY. How does CSSSK even have a job these days? Well, anything that keeps the KGB away from me is fabulous in my book. With a month between shows, I never have enough showers and chemical peels to take their stench of failure off.

[Vs a mystery opponent. Flinching, VVV tosses the phone back to Wilkes.]

Vile "Vince" Viper: ...Myssstery opponent. Again, buried in the middle of the show. I guess they weren't expecting me to stay with all my Tanner riches. <snort> Is this how you reward genius? ...But what if it is. <fiendish grin> What if ALL MY PRAYERS have been answered and the fools in SSSWAT management have FINALLY decided to pony up and bring in Cobryn? Who else would warrant the mystery man treatment?

"RSO" Frank Wilkes: Leo Lyons?

Vile "Vince" Viper <scowl>: Nah. I gave Ssstefan his first big break - he wouldn't do that to me.

"RSO" Frank Wilkes: You're trying to run his region out of business.

Vile "Vince" Viper: ...Yeah, but Leo Lyonsss? If I'm being successful at all at hurting business there is no way they could afford him. Nah, it's got to be Cobryn. If I had won a couple of million dollars last night, I would have regretted leaving before I could break that smug condescending prick's neck. In a way I'm glad that KARMA decided I would stick around for another show. And the only other mystery man is Tanner...

"Bigamist" Jonathan Smith: I've got something!

[Curious VVV and Wilkes wander into the rubble, where Jonathan Smith holds up a fairly clean postcard.]

"Bigamist" Jonathan Smith: It's from Tanner!

Vile "Vince" Viper: Maybe it's the location of his worldly riches! Give me that---

"Dear Motherfuckers,"

Ok, it's not the Tanner with valuable information.

"I have decided to use all of Adrian's unclefucking inheritance to retire to my own private fucking island living out my days as tattoo, watching for planes with my army of loose ladies. Peace the fuck out, bitches.
Puppet Adrian Tanner"

[There was money. More than this stupid house, and that Judas doll stole it! Why didn't he put it through a wood chipper? Crumpling the letter so tight in his fist that it draws blood, The DEVIL of SWAT looks ready to kill someone.]

"Over here!"

[Shaking with rage, VVV is greeted by Sirius Man.]

Sirius Man: Vile... we lost the tag straps to Balan and Friendly.

[We have a winner. Hate filled eyes search about the floor for a shotgun that hasn't fired yet. Kilroy got soooooo lucky.]

Sirius Man: ...But we found this.

[The dog faced luchador holds something up off camera, a magical light shines off it, washing away the malice in Viper's wrinkles.]

Vile "Vince" Viper: Titles change... as long as you kids are alright... that's the important thing. <warm smile> Good eye spotting that. I can REALLY ussse it.

[Snatching the prized possession away, VVV obscures it with his body. Turning his head slightly, while still blocking the mystery, he flashes his pearly yellows at the camera.]

Vile "Vince" Viper: Thanks for finally manning up, Cobryn. I didn't know you had it in you.

[All of the SWAT Backyard workers turn away from their trash collecting to smile as well.]

Everybody: First!

[That never gets old.]

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November 19th, 2017, 7:54 am #3

We see a drop dead gorgeous blonde, i mean, she is breath taking, she is wearing a hot red bra n panties, standing in a motel room, she pushes her breasts forward and takes a selfie with her phone. This is Roxy, valet to Timeless and Godess to the rest of you.

Roxy : Keep the instagram pervs happy.

She smiles, pleased with herself , across the room we see Timeless, Timeless Alex Turner. He is laying in the bed, no top and sheet covering his lower half.

Timeless : (to himself) Simpletons. Here. Take one of this!

He does the double python pose

Timeless : Eat your hearts out!

Roxy : Woop! Triple the likes when you’re in the pic baby! Only hope that freak Marcus White doesn’t start inboxing me pictures of himself again and trying to make small talk after your pic goes up.

Timeless : I I got him in SWAT, and after that, he won’t be messaging anyone ever again, he will be beside Fierce in the coma dept.

Roxy : So ... (pulling out a brush and fixing her hair in the mirror) did you sign on with XCW?

Timeless : Yeah. Finalized it yesterday afternoon, making my debut in Atlanta in some proving ground opening match.

Roxy : (laughing) Proving ground?

Timeless : (Shrugs) Gotta start somewhere they say. Though, i hear your mockery, and this doesn’t sit well with me either, not one bit, mark my words, these fools booked to meet me in my debut will be telling their grandkids about the day they faced Timeless in his XCW debut, and then how they never walked again.

Roxy : Make them bleed hun, you know how it gets me excited when you bust them open.

Timeless : I organised to come in to XCW months ago, they were to have some interfed challenge with SWAT, and i told him i would swerve SWAT and come in and join them and help them win, in return for a World title shot and a bucket load of cash, then, that interfed show never happened, he kept waving the bucket of cash and here we are, though, they seem to forgotten the title match, well, i guess i never held up to my part of the bargain and helped them win, but that is hardly my fault they couldn’t get the show off the ground.

Roxy : You’ll have all their gold in no time hun. How about that other thing, that guy who has been tailing us, have you seen or heard anymore about that situation?

Via the magic of promo’s, or just pure co incidence, a figure steps out from the corner of the room, you would swear he wasn’t there just a moment ago, but he sure is now, a close up shows the man to be George Carlin.

Timeless : Rufus?

Rufus : In the flesh young man. (to Roxy) Be at ease beautiful one, i mean you no harm.

Timeless, instantly out of the bed in only his boxers at the appearance of Rufus in the room, goes to superkick him, but Rufus disappears and then reappears on the other side of the room.

Timeless ; Whoa!

Rufus : Mr Timeless. Let me get right to the point. We have been watching you, observing you. You my man, have all the ingredients of what we look for.

Timeless : And just what is that you are looking for?

Rufus : We have a job for you. Well, more, a spot.

Timeless : Aren’t you dead?

Rufus : Listen to me and stop asking foolish questions. See this here?

Rufus produces a watch, a Delorian themed watch,

Rufus ; This here is a very special watch, one of a kind, and made especially for you. With this watch, you will have the power to travel. To travel to any time, to any dimension, any realm, that you desire.

Timeless ; (flabbergasted) Huh?

Rufus : I work for the Time Lords Mr Timeless. And we think, who better to join us and represent us as Master of Time and Space, than, the Timeless One himself.

Timeless : Holy shit! Is this really real? Of course it is, how else could a dead man be in my room jumping from place to place. Rufus. Sir. I accept.

Roxy : (clapping and bouncing up and down excitedly, it is really quite hypnotising, and something you could watch for hours and hours) What about me Mr Rufus? Do i get a watch too? Can i travel with him?

Rufus : No watch for you i am sorry, but yes, Mr Timeless can take you on his adventures if he wishes too. You see sir (to Timeless) how it works is, you activate it here, programming in where you want to go, and a magic portal opens up in front of you for you to go thru, once thru, you press the button to close it.

Timeless : Great! (reaching for the watch) Lets give it a whirl .....

Rufus : Kids these days, hold on, with great power, comes great responsibility. Everything that happens on your travels, really happens. If someone is injured or worse, that happens down the line.

Timeless : (dismissively) Yeah yeah, i know all about the space time continuum. What about if i lose it, or someone gets it?

Rufus : If you lose it or it is taken, then, it will not work for anyone else but you, it is a special one of a kind, specifically made only for yourself, BUT ... if you are on a travel and lose it while there, your only way back is to recapture it.

Timeless : Got it! Thanks so much for selecting me, i will not let you down.

Scene fades with Timeless rubbing his hands together in excitement, Roxy with a ‘what the hell just happened” look on her face, and Rufus vanishing with the fade.


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November 19th, 2017, 10:47 am #4

Instead of let Marcus say Sorry. Yes on Helloweed he went out of line.
We gonna explain it. There have been a long talk about situation !
It is simple Marcus needed medication and didn,t took it.
So he lost his mind let,s say it so.
He ain,t special but need medication for his autisme and diabetic illness.

Ok let us listen what he has to say ?

Marcus. Ok I get a chance to prove myself agiangst Alex Timeless Turner.
With right medication I,m 100%. Yes did proven in past what can do !

Marcus. I,m facing a guy with a big ego.
Roxy your a lovelly gal don,t interfere. It,s business no battle off love sweetie.

Marcus.Timeless I,m strong enough to face you. Your wrong when think I,m weak.
Guys it,s time to eat something do you come ?

We did join Marcus White he ate like hadn,t ate for hours.

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November 19th, 2017, 7:15 pm #5

The long black limousine pulls up and stops. The driver drressed in a black suit and hat gets out, proceeds to the back door and opens it up. Continues to the trunk taking out suitcases. A lone man steps out of the limousine and looks about.:
The long standing huge staircase looms before him with trees lining both sides. At the end of the stone staircase, is a huge temple.

"this is going to be great!!" he exclaims.Process to the back of the limousine to help with the suitcases.They both grab some cases and begin their climb up the long stone stairs.

"Thank you for the wonderful ride and the help with carrying these. This is going to be a long walk." The young man tells the driver.

"it is my pleasure sir. As per orders from Mr. Green to accomodate you in any way." Driver responds.

Young man nods to him as they finish their climb.

Reaching the top, they look about as the tall pillars holding up the entryway shines about.The driver proceeds to unlock the heavy door, as they take a step inside.

Pausing to look about as they enter the great hall. Huge decorated pillars line up down both sides of the great hall. Decorated enamourously with Dragons statues.
Pews line up on both sides down the entire hall. With a large entry way between them. The hall is brightly lit also with sunlight shining in from the big decorated windows on the walls.

12 decorated warriors line the hall.

A few "staff" members are busy with their newly assigned duites, but greet him breifly as he walks by.

An eloborate heavy door lies part way down the hall on the left.
"Whats behind that door sir?" Young man questions.

"We will be there shortly, take your time to look around first." Driver remarks

They finally reach the end of the hall, coming to a huge dragon statue with a shrine to worship at.He drops the suitcase for a moment, drops to his knees and says a quick prayer before moving on.

Driver leads him to the large door they passed, unlocks the door handing the keys to the temple to the young man.

Opening the door, they step inside.

The bright lights come on without a word as they step into the room. More dragon statues onboth sides of the room. In the center is a large round table, with a newly designed logo of the DRAGON EMPIRE prominantly displayed.

Other side of the room are large seating areas to relax. On the wall is a huge screen for viewing.

"Someone has a message for you for when you arrived." the Driver states as he turns on the video.

The young man takes a seat to watch.

Mr>Green's pictures comes on the screen, him dressed in his usual Dark Green hat, trenchcoat and mask.He begins to speak on the video.

"Wlecome to your new temple, my new client , Dragon King Tatsuo Takeshi. Hope you enjoyed your tour so far.As you know, I will be your financial backing for anything you need, and if time comes you want a manager to accompany you to the ring, I will be there as well.This temple is for you and for whoever you manage to get to join you in your dragon empire and your conquest to become the best in the world.This equipment O have provided for you also comes with a translation at the slightest word, so you can speak in native language and will be translated for you immediately if you do any videos from here. Welcome once again, and I will be in touch." The video shuts off.

" i will leave you now to your new home.If need anything, just ask Mr. Green and he will provide it for you."Driver bows to him and leaves the room.

Composing himself, he starts up the video promo:

Standing before you, is the Dragon King Tatsuo Takeshi.Dressed in the finest black suit.
The video translates as he speaks:

"Welcome all SWAT staff, wrestlers, fans.I am the Dragon King Tatsuo Takeshi. Right now I am the sole member of the newly formed Dragon Empire. recruiting will begin shortly for new members.First order of business to get down to is my first wrestling match in SWAT against "Knife Edge" Takeda Yokosuda. Wether we become friends or enemies after and during this match, the first invitation goes out to you to become a member of the Dragon Empire. We share the same Japanese origin. would be great to share the fame and glory with you. You could leave your life with the Yokuza and the Warhammer and leave that life in your past and strive for better things in life, with new freinds by your side, and to watch your back."

he pauses briefly, "As for the match, lets make this the match all the fans who cometo the show will remember and be the one match they talk about after the show. Let's outshine the main event. I know we can do it. As I said, wether we become freinds or enemies, I will strive to put on the best match possible giving 110%. I hope you come prepared and are willing to give the same amount of effort to gain the victory."

"now onto other business. I am informed also of some new wrestlers who "may" be joining SWAT also soon. The invitation goes out to you now as new members to be of the Dragon Empire. Will look forward to your words when you arrive. Thank you all for your time,and I, The Dragon King will be looking forward to meeting all the staff, wrestlers, and fans in short notice."A Dragon image breathing fire lights up the video then everything goes black


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November 19th, 2017, 10:05 pm #6


[A pair of designer leather shoes struts down the street as the funky disco beat of Staying Alive by the Bee Gees plays.]

**Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk
I'm a woman's man: no time to talk.
Music loud and women warm, I've been kicked around
Since I was born.
And now it's all right. It's OK.
And you may look the other way.
We can try to understand
The New York Times' effect on man.**

[Camera pans up to show tailored blue dress pants. The legs do a few kicks, the feet shuffle back and forth.]

**Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother,
You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin',
And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive.*?

[Well pressed shirt, silk tie, perfectly fit suit jacket. The fingers snap, the body spins, effortlessly. The grace of an Angel.]

**Well now, I get low and I get high,
And if I can't get either, I really try.
Got the wings of heaven on my shoes.
I'm a dancin' man and I just can't lose.
You know it's all right. It's OK.
I'll live to see another day.
We can try to understand
The New York Times' effect on man.**

[The head encased in a Moose mask, the mysterious figure known only as Anonymoose dances his way down the street, kick flipping off of walls, dancing on cars, swinging around the poles if street lights.]

AM: Gene Kelly, eat your mom out!

**Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother,
You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin',
And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive.**

[Anonymoose struts his way to his destination....a travelling freak show set up in the parking lot of the Arena. An assortment of carny folk wander around. They are their own little community of lost souls.]

[This is The Menagerie.]

[Anonymoose makes his way past the cast of characters that makes up this band of nomads. He enters a small tent that is set up. Inside of the tent, a muscle bound, tattooed monster of a man is on the right hand side of a chair, a large, bearded lady on the left. Sitting between them sits Beelzebozo, the Clown Prince of Chaos in his new role as King of the Freaks.]

AM: hey boss.

[Beelzebozo grabs a bottle of whiskey and pours some into the 2017 Helloween Cup. He lifts the cup, then drinks from it, whiskey making it mostly into his mouth, but some also dribbling down his painted chin.]

AM: Do you really think you should be drinking out of that thing?

BF: why not? It doesn't mean anything to me.

AM: Boss, you went through Hell to win that thing.

[Bozo, enraged, throws the Helloween Cup to the side. He leaps out of the chair and grabs a hold of an antler on his underling.]

BF: Win? Did you say win?

[Anonymoose cowers in fear at the angry, inebriated clown.]

AM: you did win, boss. You won three barbed wire matches in one night. You went to war with Atilla Balan and pinned him in the middle of the ring. How did you not win?

[Bozo releases the antler by shoving Anonymoose.]

BF: You really don't see what happened? Not only did I not really win, it was impossible for me to win. No matter what I did, no matter what the outcome, Balan was going to come out on top in the end.

AM: But you pinned him! How did you lose?

BF: Did I really pin him? Did I get my shoulder up? Or did he pull it up? I don't know, but either way, Balan won in the end.

AM: You need to explain that yo me.

BF: What was Balan's whole thing? He was going to take my broken soul and reforge me into something new. He said he would make me into the best Buster Friendly I could be. In response, I was going to destroy him. The race was on. Could I tear him down before he built me up?

AM: You did, though. You put him through the most sadistic match I have ever seen and you won.

BF: Balan won. I couldn't win. Not really. If he pinned me, I lost like I always have in a big match. If he really did pull my shoulder up on purpose, then even though I won.....he really won. But worst of all....what if I really did pin him for real? That means I rose to the occasion and was at my very best.....which is what he ultimately wanted. Even if I won....I really lost.

AM: So what do you do about it?

BF: this isn't over. Not by a long shot. He thinks that since we went through experience together that we are now bonded. "Funny Business" he calls us. Let me introduce you to some bitter reality, Industrial Man: Funny Business is imploding before it has even begun. We aren't partners. We aren't friends. I WILL destroy you in the end.

[Buster moves his arms in a sweeping gesture, indicating the tent he is in.]

BF: You bought this circus for me. My old home. You gave it to me, made me the King of the Freaks. But in doing so, you became the agent of your own destruction. You can't deal with a disease and not get sick. That is what you did when you took such a special interest in me. You injected yourself with a slow acting poison. That is what I am. A virus. And that virus is inside you now. Eating away at you. Weakening you. And that virus will be your undoing.

[Beelzebozo sits back down on his throne.]

BF: Balan, you may have won that round. You wanted me at my best? You got it. But be careful what you wish for. Because I am at my most deadly right now. You wanted to create the best version of myself, but in doing so, you have created the agent of your demise. I am the King of the Freaks, the Shephard of the Lost, the Clown Prince of Chaos....and I will have the last laugh.

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Edward Dubin
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November 21st, 2017, 10:10 pm #7

(Psychotic Goth is walking through an old house that is furnished with antiques from the 18th or 19th Century. He takes in the scenery with nostalgic enjoyment as he looks around slowly and faces the camera.)

Psychotic Goth: "As I ponder weak and weary I hear a raven for I am the raven nevermore. You are wondering where I am. I am at one of Edgar Allen Poe's residences.
The same Edgar Allen Poe who created some of the best suspense and horror tales through out his short career. The same man who preceded Stephen King another master of horror."

(He pauses.)

Psychotic Goth: "Yes Hardkore Helloween proved to be the night no one survived. I warned that I would go through with my threat to destroy CSK and I made my vow come true. I see certain members of the SWAT roster want revenge on me for what I did. It's like I said I could give the fuck what they think of me."

(He roars demonically as it echoes all through the house.)

Psychotic Goth: "Do any of you think I could give a shit how you feel about me. Cade Corso. You could barely hold your own against your opponent in your debut match in SWAT let alone the ACW. You see you have a maniac, a wild beast inside a body that's just ready to open up and let it loose. You don't know what you'll be looking at when I step into the ring. Cade you don't know what you'll be facing after my Vampira, my queen and my wife is still missing, and I am going to cut loose on you and the rest of all my opponents in this six-way battle to the finish......."

(Psychotic Goth pauses.)

Psychotic Goth: "Let me rephrase that last part. I meant battle to the death which is what's going to be what everyone experiences including me. Oh yes Cade that's exactly the case going into this match and I can't wait for this opportunity to beat up any one of you."

(He sits down in one of the chairs with a look of mock comfortability.)

Psychotic Goth: "Ah nothing feels so good than to be sitting in an old chair that's been sit in by the author of so many excellent 19th century horror novels. You know I enjoyed the 'Masgue of the Red Death' where death managed to infiltrate the masguerade ball and
killed anyone who could escape him. Of course I enjoyed the part where Prospero literally was sealed inside a wall and he was laughing like a maniac. Oh I enjoyed that part so much. It felt almost like me and my tortured soul or at least Everett 'Rockhard' Aloni.
Yes you are very strong but you can not escape even the wall that you shall be surrounded by as I seal it off and place the final brick into the slot that shall seal you in forever trapping your body and soul forever in a hellish nightmare. It is I that shall do it and I shall watch as you remember my face and as you suffer shall realize stepping into a six-way with me is going to be like a nightmare in itself."

(He cackles and slowly shakes his head at the possibility of seeing that happen.)

Psychotic Goth: "Then there's Brian Brewster, who never shows up and does anything if he does show up, and that's being too kind to him. You see Brian I did you a favor and now you don't seem to appreciate what I did for you. I saved your life and now you pay me back by demanding a match with me. Everyone has their choice and free will and you exercised your free will in a foolish way. I'll just leave it like that and let you ponder what I plan on doing to you when we meet in the six-way battle to the death. You shall see that you shall regret what you have done by challenging me."

(Psychotic Goth gets up and goes over to where there is a raven on the fireplace and caresses it lovingly.)

Psychotic Goth: "Are you hungry my little friend. Are you so hungry you can eat anything including eyeballs."

(The raven doesn't respond since it's well embalmed and well preserved.)

Psychotic Goth: "I guess you are quite happy in your state. Alex Conors you are quite foolish and such a petulant little boy for even throwing a temper tantrum just for wanting me in a match and now you got me in a match with four others. I hope you are happy and believe me if you even managed to get in a few shots at me. Then you'll feel you have accomplished something. Other than that Conors you'll see that that's the only thing you'll be able to accomplish if I managed to get my hands on you again and kill you. You'll see what I mean when Turmoil occurs."

(Psychotic Goth sighs and shakes his head smiling as if he's going to enjoy talking about the final opponent in the match.)

Psychotic Goth: "Then there's someone even more equally maniacal and dangerous as I am. I'm speaking to you 'Sadistic Insanity' Damian Payne. Nobody seems to match your maniacal and diabolical style Damian. I like that in an opponent too and you shall be my ultimate threat in this match to the death. You and I shall be bleeding and dealing out such pain and agony to each other that everyone shall be talking about the carnage that occurred when we collide and come to death grips. You shall see the unleashed beast and tortured soul that shall consume you and I shall experience hell that I never experienced for years. Damian Payne, you and I shall be enjoying the blood, violence, sadism and pain and agony in this match.'

(Psychotic Goth roars and bellows again as the sound echoes through the house.)

Psychotic Goth: "Turmoil shall be just that and more. I shall go to war against a massive army as I lead my army of Gothic warriors into battle and I shall cover my self with blood and roar and bellow as I fight my opponents and slay them. For I am Psychotic Goth, The Psychotic One and King of the Goths and most of all Satan's Chosen Warrior. I shall prove I can survive a massive assault and I shall be the one still standing."

(He roars and bellows satanically in a strange dialect and leaves while the sound still echoes off the walls and slowly fades as the scene slowly fades to black.)

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November 22nd, 2017, 8:50 am #8

Scene opens to SWAT HQ, Soutter’s office is filled with himself, Joe Pesci and CSK seated around the conference table, Bruno is standing in his usual spot to the back and right of the Sovereign.

Soutter : So these clowns actually ASKED for this match? With US?

CSK ; Death wish or what?

Soutter : We are gonna chew them up and spit them out. Even with one arm you can take either ...

CSK : Both!

Soutter : Damn straight both.

Pesci : I don’t know guys, i saw them in the Helloween Cup and they looked pretty tough against the clown

Soutter and CSK both just stare at Pesci. Bruno too is staring at him.

Pesci : Oh, come on guys, they are pretty big dudes, and that was against each other, if together .....

Soutter and CSK still just stare and him and Bruno snorts loudly.

Pesci : Ahhh, yeah, i know you two will destroy them, fuck, what am i thinking.

SWAT Attorney Gavin Slater comes into the room, holding two manila folders.

Gavin Slater : Sorry to interrupt Sir, (holding the folders up in each hand) i have some good news ... and some bad news.

Pesci ; (going into Leo Gets mode) Give us the good news ... no. No no no, wait, the bad .... give us the bad news. Um .... Uh Uh uh ... the good, good good good good, give us the gooo ... wait, wait wait wait wait ....

Soutter : Good news always comes first.

Pesci : Good! Give us the good news!

Slater flings one of the folders onto the conference table, and a bunch of photo’s sprawl out of it and scatter all over the table, they are photo’s of the underage waitress from the Playboy mansion they are charged with rape against, and also of Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey and the girl are photographed in dozens of pics of lewd sexual acts. The guys picK em up and flip thru them, big smiles coming to their faces.

Gavin Slater : Our investigator captured these, seems he can’t keep it in his pants as much as his top on. Also, she is 23 years old and from Kansas. The charges have been dropped, and he has stood down from office.

Pesci ; MOTHER FUCKER! I knew that son of a bitch was up to something!

Soutter (beaming) Fucken told YA!

Pesci : That you did big man, that_you_did! I will never forget this, i am forever in your debt for seeing this fixed to right.

Pesci gets out of his chair and hugs Soutter.

Pesci : FOREVER!

Gavin Slater reaches into his top pocket and pulls out three cheques and passes one each to Pesci and Soutter. A close up shows they are for 2 MILLION DOLLARS


Soutter : Two million!?

Slater : Plus the same for Gibson, and my percentage also!

Soutter : That’s why you’re the best Slater! Did i not tell you this man has saved my career countless times and would see this right?

Pesci : That you did, but lets not over do it with the told you so’s, no one likes a braggart. Sheesh.

Soutter : And .... the bad news?

Gavin Slater : Two parts ... first, from this settlement, these photo’s and the reasons for Matthew McConaughey standing down must never be revealed. And ... now ... this baby.

Slater drops the folder in front of him and takes a seat at the table.

Gavin Slater : There was a board meeting last night. Things ... .are not, so good.

Soutter : We’re picking up.

Gavin Slater : Some there are after your head Suit. You have made a lot of enemies in all these years. Money is leaking, big time, we are losing a LOT!

Soutter : It’s just the nature of the business, it goes in waves ... Triple V and i are about to sell out the World! CSK right here and Fierce are not far from full capacity again ....

Gavin Slater : There is something more to play sir. First off ... just when we get profitable, you go and give away all the proceeds from the Tanner memorial to his remaining family.

Pesci, CSK and Bruno stare at Soutter in shock, he had not told anyone of that.

Soutter : That can stay as private as Matthew McConaughey’s settlement thank you, i don’t want the world thinking i am some “nice guy”. Fair is fair, i loved him, SWAT loved him and they deserved that nest egg, especially now with Viper claiming his estate!

Gavin Slater : As i said sir, there is something more here to play .... it’s not your normal loses in a slow cycle, money is LEAKING! And as usual, when there is something wrong, others are quick to put the blame at your feet.

Pesci : (piping up) Who is this fucken board? I thought you owned the damn company Suit, tell them to go jump, or better still, i will for you ...

Soutter : It’s not that simple, see, years ago when we were done, Packer wanted to purchase the company, i sold him 50% of the shares, i just couldn’t bring myself to part with the lot. Then, after he passed, them shares floated around, and were pretty much worthless until i relaunched the fed mid last year. Now, i got a handful of investors who think they are going to get richer than Crypto Bit coins with our re emergence ....

Pesci jumps to his feet.

Pesci : You just leave this to me! Them mother fuckers .... well ... you will never hear from or be bothered by the likes of them again.

Soutter : What are you going to do?

Pesci : I’m going to “take care of them’ ... of it. I told you i am forever in your debt, and i meant it! This i pledge to you, they will never trouble you again.

Pesci storms out of the room in a rush. All four just stare at each other for a moment.

Soutter : (mouths) “Take care of”

CSK (laughing) What could possibly go wrong?

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November 22nd, 2017, 4:55 pm #9


If Adrian Tanner cared about his friends and family why would he put all his worldly possessions on the line in a contest that your company couldn't even see fit to make the main event of a show? Tanner clearly hated everyone he knew other than the ones in that match, and from your actions, and efforts of the others involved, it was obvious that he should have hated more people.

Trying to look like the nice guy at the expense of the company, locker room, and actual benefactors of Tanner's goods do not make you a good leader, sound business man, or nice guy. Its such a shitty move that I can almost respect you. Almost. I will have my lawyers look into your misappropriation of the Tanner Memorial funds, which should be going to the estate of Tanner as advertised. Also, I believe any ranking points he achieved through victories as they relate to title shots should also be given to Puppet Adrian Tanner to redistribute as he sees fit. We can let the lawyers hash these things out.


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November 26th, 2017, 6:25 am #10

KGB : "Harbinger of Death" Christian Sebastian Kennedy & "The Soveriegn of SWAT" Paul Soutter Vs Hells Bouncer and Bishop

Here is where I am deciding on my future in this company. I was nice enough to tell the world and the company about me and everything, but no one deserves to know my past, present, but worry about my future when I become a World Champion in this company and that is true.

You think for one second that I am going to be in a Tag Team Match, I trusted you of all people that brought me into the company Paul Soutter, I thought for sure if anyone in this company I could trust you but that I am completely wrong about that. So what do you do find yourself a partner and team me with Bishop.

So if I am correct here you want me to believe for a second that I can trust Bishop right? Well, here is a news flash, I do not trust Bishop and if you think your something special because your Mr. Soutter than your sadly mistaken. I am going to beat down Kennedy and Soutter and if Bishop wants I will beat him within an inch of his life.

I trusted people before and was turned on. I didn't win a World Title before with anyone's help and I certainly do not need anyone's assistance going back on top of the mountain alone. I am alone, I fight alone, and I win alone. Having teams create drama and betrayal and I look at it if I can't defeat you alone then I don't win. But for the three of you will see that I don't play and will look to hurt anyone in my way.

So come Turmoil the only problem I see is none because fighting is what I do and will put everyone on notice. My ultimate goal is facing the World Champion, and becoming the Era of Hell so I will see you at Turmoil.