Jewish Task Force admits the Jewish role in Communism

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Jewish Task Force admits the Jewish role in Communism

How Communists Became "Zionists"

(Originally published by JTF.ORG on February 24, 1999)

When the so-called "religious" Jewry in Europe missed a golden opportunity to take control of the Zionist movement in the pre-Hitler period -- at a time when there were millions of Orthodox Jews -- the most evil Jews ever to crawl on the face of the earth were able by default to shape Israel's political future.

Self-hating and assimilated Jews in the Europe of 1840-1933 were overwhelmingly attracted to the Communist philosophy of Karl Marx.

Marx, whose own parents were self-hating Jews who had converted to Christianity, offered the Jewish traitors everything they had always dreamed of. He called not only for the obliteration of Judaism but of all religions.

He also singled out Judaism with a special anti-Semitic venom in his evil Nazi book, World Without Jews. In this book, Marx specifically attacks the Jewish people and the Jewish religion as more sinister than any other people or any other religion.

Naturally, Jewish anti-Semites were aglow when they read this demonic writing. Marx also spoke of destroying all national differences and creating "one world" under socialism. Since cowardly Jews were, and are, forever seeking ways to bury their Jewish past in order to be "accepted" by the anti-Semites, this Marxist concept of "one world" was also especially appealing.

At the turn of the century, the vast majority of secular Jews were socialists. Jews ran many of the socialist and Communist organizations and Jews helped finance Marxist revolutionary groups.

In the so-called "Zionist" movement, Jews were also overwhelmingly Marxist. But how could this be? The concept of authentic Zionism comes from the Holy Scriptures, which represent the antithesis of Satanic Marxism. Why would Jewish Communists be interested in Zionism, a philosophy which espouses the creation of an independent Jewish State?

The reason was simple: Jews joined Communist movements in order to escape their Jewish heritage and become part of a worldwide "workers' movement." By becoming Communists, these cowardly Jews could now say that they were no longer part of a different and not so popular people. Indeed, all such differences were no longer relevant in a "workers' paradise" where all national and ethnic distinctions would be eliminated.

The problem was that Communism does not work. It does not eliminate racism, chauvinism, xenophobia or religious bigotry. On the contrary, Communism in practice greatly exacerbates all of these evil tendencies.

And so Jews would organize Communist groups in Eastern Europe, and then the Gentile "proletariat" would throw the Jewish organizers out of the very organizations which they had formed. Even in "internationalist" settings, the Jew was unwelcome.

Jewish Communists such as Chaim Weizmann, David Ben Gurion and Yitzchak Rabin decided that their only alternative was to form a Jewish Communist State to serve as a model of how Communism could indeed work well when run by Jews. At least in a Jewish Communist State, Gentile Communist anti-Semites in Russia, Poland and other European countries could neither expel the Jews nor prevent them from attaining high positions of power.

After Soviet Nazi dictator Vladimir Lenin's death in 1924, his natural successor should have been Leon Trotsky. Trotsky lost a bloody power struggle with Josef Stalin solely because Trotsky was Jewish. Many Jewish Communists then understood that only in their own Jewish country could they satisfy their immense egos and rise to positions of leadership.

Theodore Herzl was an assimilated German Jewish journalist stationed in Paris at the end of the last century. Herzl favored all Jews converting to another religion or finding some other means of disappearing as a people. He himself had a Christmas tree in his home and showed utter contempt for the Jewish faith.

But then during the Dreyfus trial, Herzl saw thousands of supposedly educated and enlightened French citizens furiously chanting, "Death to the Jews!" This caused him to realize that the Jews were most unwelcome even in so-called "civilized" parts of Europe. Thus, Herzl wrote his famous tract, The Jewish State.

Herzl proposed establishing a Jewish State in Uganda. He had absolutely no interest in a state based upon the Biblical dream of a Jewish return to the Land of Israel.

So it was with all of the other so-called "Zionist" leaders with the exception of the sole non-socialist among them, Zeev Jabotinsky.

Needless to say, these Jewish Communists eventually took power in an Israel which they did not create. In fact, they cooperated with the British Nazis in trying to crush the right-wing Jewish rebels who did create the Jewish homeland.

Yet Jews of this generation, being hopelessly insane as usual, picked the worst of the worst to be their leaders. In order to be a leader in Israel, one had to be a Communist.

And when these Communists took over, they set out to destroy any vestiges of Judaism that may have remained in the hearts and souls of Israeli Jews. They beat religious Jewish children who refused to eat non-kosher food. They forced religious Jewish children to work on the Sabbath. They showed these kids propaganda films about how Communist workers were constructively building for society, while worthless religious parasites only prayed all day. They lied to the parents of Sephardi (non-European) Jewish children, who were all religious when they first came to Israel, promising them that their children would receive a religious education.

The only "religion" that they were taught was Marx and Engels.

In 1954, there were black borders all over the front pages of Israeli newspapers to mourn the death of Soviet Nazi dictator Josef Stalin. Stalin, who annihilated millions of his own people and who was responsible for the Holocaust against Polish Jewry by dividing up Poland with Hitler in their infamous 1939 pact, was referred to in headlines as "our fallen comrade."

The Jewish Communists said their goal was to make the Jews like all other people. Ben Gurion, Israel's first Bolshevik dictator, often said that he was thrilled to see Israel's first Jewish prostitute walking the streets of the Holy Land. "Now I know that we are becoming like all other people," this Marxist remarked.

This is the history of the Israeli Establishment. To this day, Communists control the news media, the major industries, the educational system, the political parties and the courts. Anyone who dares to dissent is treated to Bolshevik "justice."

The only hope for finally ridding Israel of this Communist cancer and turning a state of Jews into a truly Jewish State is for JTF to get the funds that it needs to broadcast its message on Israeli television and radio.