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SupermanFan says: "You are  mistaken on this issue though, as all who signed and upheld the Statement do indeed see the bible as being the inspired word of God to us, its just that they, and I, would define infallible scriptures as not requiring them in the English translations to be without any errors/mistakes."

Hi Superman, Sir, it is obvious that you, just like the majority of present day Christians, do NOT have ANY Bible in ANY language - including "the" Hebrew and much less in "the" Greek - that you can show us that you really believe ARE (present tense) the complete and 100% true words of God.

Why not just be honest about it?

Can you or Mr. Religion or any other bible agnostic here answer this basic question for us and prove that I am wrong about this?

Do you believe there IS such a thing as a complete and inerrant Bible in any language, TRANSLATED OR UNTRANSLATED? If you do, can you SHOW US A COPY of it, or tell us exactly which one it is, so we can go out and get one too? Yes or No?
If you do not believe there is such a thing as an inerrant Bible, are you honest enough to admit it?

If you simply do not know for sure, then tell us “I don’t know.”  At least that would be an honest answer.  Thanks.
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brandplucked wrote:Can you or Mr. Religion or any other bible agnostic here answer this basic question for us and prove that I am wrong about this?
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I am going to ask you to refrain from using implied pejoratives, e.g., "bible agnostic". If you are unable to apply the teachings of the ninth commandment, then you will need to refrain from posting.

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The RTI RTOW forum is not for prolonged debate. Your repetitively asked question has been answered elsewhere:

the-chicago-statement-on-biblical-inerr ... tml#p26290

Brother, it seems to me you have one tool in your toolbox. Try expanding your approach to avoid being summarily dismissed as a fanatic—one who, having forgotten his original aim, redoubles his efforts.

That may seem harsh, so let me make it clear how much I appreciate your endeavors and am often edified by them. I just hope that you would adopt a more irenic approach to your passions for the AV such that you are not relegated to the fringe elements that populate the internet and blogosphere. You can do so much better if you could find the charity demanded by the ninth commandment something worth adopting.
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