Difference between "Bible" and "Scripture

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huo:16992 wrote:
Ask Mr. Religion:16986 wrote:
huo:16976 wrote:We are working as volunteers for Youversion.com on translating the tool and platform into Chinese.
However, we found a sentence that uses both "Bible" and "Scripture". How to translate them then?
What is the common and difference between the two terms?

Looks like they translate to the same simplified Chinese, so just use one of the terms

Bible: 圣经

Scripture: 圣经
Do you agree with mossy's idea that Scripture might mean part of the text or books from the whole Bible, whereas Bible means all the books?

Or Scripture focus on the text, whereas Bible mean the books?
The Merriam Webster dictionary describes Scripture as "the books of the Bible, often used in plural" as its first definition. A second definition is simply "a passage from the Bible".

A key word list will do just fine with "Bible" rather than "Scripture", so you might just omit "Scripture" from the key word list.
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