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James White has a webcast called The Dividing Line. Last month he showed video clips from two debates, both on the problem of evil.

The first clip was from a debate between an atheist (David Silverman) and an Arminian (Dr. Frank Turek). The topic was theodicydivine goodness and providence in view of the existence of evil. The atheist's question was, if God exists how can He know in advance a baby will die of cancer if this God is good and loving?

The Arminian, using their usual evidentialist apologetic method was unable to directly answer the question, because his system cannot answer the question. In desperation, the hapless Arminian even resorted to attempting a Molinist defense at one point. The atheist obviously recognized the Arminian's inabilities and was persistent in pointing out the Arminian was not answering the question but skirting around it.

The second clip was from a debate between the same atheist and a Calvinist (James White). The atheist asked the same question. Every response the White gave always first stated who God is, and in that context what the proper answer is, using the proper presuppositionalist apologetic method. Here the same atheist was unable to find holes in the responses from James White, lost steam in his pursuit of this specific topic, and finally gave up the topic.

Note also in the video during the first segment of the debate that James White rightly points out that the only consistent Arminian should be an open theist, given that the open theist places man's autonomy above God's, thus declaring that God does not even know the future in the first place.

After all, in the openist system, it is only until autonomous humans actually do something that God truly knowsin the epistemological sensefor prior to the actual acts of mankind, God must rely upon His vast knowledge of the past and present actions of His creatures to anticipate (predict) with 99 and 44/100 percent accuracies (Ivory soap purity percentages), in order to outwit and outlast His autonomous creatures.

In the video below, move the progress bar along to start at the timeline of 38:10 minutes and watch to around 60:00 minutes, observing how the two different respondents answer the atheist.

Dividing Line Program - "How Theology Determines Apologetics, and So Much More"

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:kudopost:  I enjoyed all of this. Great to see a man sitting  and proclaiming the truth.