Oh The Humidity!

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*It been some time the SiC sent off a recent lackey of hers off to their very first job. The Ala expected it to be a simple task: report on the nearby structures' status, give a rough estimate on crop yields for the various enchanted plants grown there, and of course keep those pesky slaves in line. She; however, did not expect the tag-a-longs accompanying Celeste, nor the fact a massive vampire pumpkin wreaked havoc in the encampment. This would not do for Kalina.*

Grunt: *Fiddles with their clipboard.* "Um, this should be roughly where were we first detected the odd magic anomaly.
Kalina: "Really? This dump? Its in worse condition compared to those huts I built."
Grunt: "To be honest, building atop a village you slaughtered to make room for it doesn't help."
Kalina: "And deal with uprooting trees myself? Do I look like a commoner to you?"

*Creeping up behind the pair, a zombie wearing a rug with cut out eye holes groaned.*

Zom-Ost: "BRAAOOOOO! LeAvE tHiS pLaCe!"
Kalina: *Punts the cosplaying undead in the groin, snapping the figure in two.* "Gah... Guess I have to explore this myself. And tell Zom-Ost that rug is coming out of his paycheck."

*Annoyed, the demoness walked into the abandoned town.*

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*Celeste floated after Kalina, the ghost-become-lackey was intrigued as to what was going on here*