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This is a real long shot, but maybe someone on here can help 😀.

I’m a volunteer with Dover’s Western Heights Preservation Society which is a charity dedicated to preserving the Napoleonic fortifications in the area (on the other side of town from the big castle!)

Anyway, in the 1870s the Royal Madras Fusiliers adopted a tiger (Plassey) that they brought back from India and it was a well known sight around the Western Heights at that time. The skull is now in the National Army Museum.

We know that the pelt at one time was displayed in various Officer’s Messes but have no idea what happened to it following the 19th & 20th Century amalgamation and disbandings. I don’t suppose anyone is aware of any records that would help fill in the gaps and even if it is still in existence?

Many thanks  39497762_10156644433081118_7144975162603995136_n.jpg