Who Is The Best Soccer Football Country Of All Time? Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina.... Paraguay?!

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note: ratings are currently in beta.

if we take a look at wealth and population adjusted rankings it is very interesting that Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay all are within arms reach of each other. if we look at normal rankings Brazil is far ahead. however, it wasn't always like this. but it is important to keep in mind that Brazil did not always have the wealth and population edge it had against Uruguay and Argentina.  although Brazil always had more population since the early days of soccer football, Argentine and Uruguayan wealth per capita were much higher than Brazil's. over the years as Brazil's wealth per capita has grown... and their population has grown even further... their edge in sports has been increased exponentially into superpower status. this is another one of many reasons why wealth and population adjusted ratings need to make it to the mainstream.

you may noticed i have skipped Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia. the reason is because if Yugoslavia's score was mixed with theirs they would be lower (similar case with Czechia and Czechoslovakia). Soccer Football in Yugoslavia started improving in the mid 1900s which is the main reason why these independent countries are noticeably higher than the former Yugoslavia. however, this isn't to say that these countries won't be able to stand the test of time, but it's too early to tell if they will be able to stay as consistent as the top 4 South American countries. i have considered mixing all time scores of newer countries from bigger former countries, but this can cause problems too. in some cases this will lower a country's score unjustly. so for now i'm just leaving it as is. all types of ratings should be viewed with a knowledgeable eye, but especially all time rankings.

Chile is also not at the very top, that is because Chile does not have the same type of historic success as these 4 countries.