COSAFA women 2017

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COSAFA women 2017

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Organisers wanting volunteers who can pay for their own accommodation for 12 days, and who can speak English (and also French and Portuguese would be an advantage), and who are willing to perform in opening/closing/award ceremonies, doping control, crowd control, media tasks, translation, and "protocol", as well as other tasks.  All for free.  Good luck with that! ... mpionship/

The Zimbabwe Football Association is looking for volunteers to work with during the COSAFA Women’s Championship to be held in Bulawayo from 13 to 24 September, 2017.Applicants should be able to communicate effectively in English. Knowledge of French and Portuguese will be an added advantage.Applicants should be aged between 18 and 35. Applicants should be able to provide own accommodation for the duration of the tournament.Interested? Send an application and detailed CV to before 30 August 2017.

Volunteers will help provide services in the following:– 
Ceremonies (opening, closing, awards)– 
Doping control– 
Crowd control– 
Various tasks assigned during matches

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I assume you were rejected due to the age restrictions :-)

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Perhaps they're banking on a load of linguistically-trained locals of the host cities who have dance experience and happen to be at a loose end for a couple of weeks?

Playing devil's advocate, these volunteer roles for tournaments rarely seem to pay (by definition of 'volunteer', really), most get by on the goodwill/excitement of being part of a major event and it can be very successful for all parties (e.g. London 2012), but IIRC they were at least offering to cover the basic daily expenses so the volunteers weren't actually losing money to do it.

Of course they need to do background checks but the whole 'send your CV in' aspect is ridiculous, can't see the organisers being too fussy picking from whoever actually wants the 'job' on those terms.

Maybe if they covered travel and accomodation expenses I would have given it a go (currently at a loose end and all that), could even get lucky and be paid after I'm done:


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nfm24 wrote: I assume you were rejected due to the age restrictions :-)
Yes, next year I will be old enough.