2015 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup

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2015 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup

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22 Apr 2015, 18:12 #1

This tournament is set to take place in Portugal in July, and Madagascar will be one of the participants after winning the African Championship, qualifying for (I believe) their first-ever appearance at a FIFA tournament.
To celebrate, I think a friendly challenge should be issued: FIFA are cleared of any and all perceived misdemeanors if they are able to go through the entire tournament without making a spelling mistake on player names...

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29 Apr 2015, 16:41 #2

Interesting draw. Pots were divided geographically, and Group D is my favourite..

GROUP A: Portugal, Argentina, Senegal, Japan
GROUP B: Switzerland, Italy, Oman, Costa Rica
GROUP C: Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Iran
GROUP D: Russia, Paraguay, Tahiti, Madagascar

Group C is the Group of Death, with all 4 teams being Top 10 material.