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A player-constructed world where factions unite or divide and conflicts erupt as easily as peace. Trade and diplomatic relations along with a realistic combat system and numerous enhancements to the Warcraft engine combine in a map of epic proportions.

Faction List

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Here is a list of all the Factions as they currently stand in the game.

Ylorc - The Bolg Lands
Ylorc, once known as Canrif, was the seat of power for the Riven Dynasty, it was there that the ancient Riven lords held the domination over the entire nation of Canrif with an iron fist. The Riven were not harsh lords as lords go, but they did require unquestioned loyalty and obedience from their subjects.
The Riven Dynasty lasted three millennia before finally being toppled by a series of highly unfortunate and devestating events:
First, the Riven lord; Kaldir'Majah-Riven, died unexpectedly one night. He was found in the morning with a line through the middle of his neck, a flat cut clean through the throat and to the spine. A razor edged disc was also discovered buried in the wall, and it was presumed that this was some sort of assassins weapon.
Secondly, the Protectorate, a legion of elite guards sworn to defend the Riven Lords with their life vanished into thin air, their barrackses showed signs of a massive struggle, but nothing certain was ever discovered.
And finally, a week later, the Firbolg appeared.
This race of earth-dwellers rose up from the caves and cracks all throughout Canrif, the now fractured Dynasty never stood a chance, for while the Bolg were savage and tribal in nature, rarely gathering in larger numbers than a few hundred, they were each eight feet tall and viciously powerful, with dark mottled green skin and massive tusks. The Firbolg found no resistance in their attack, and within the year the entire population of Canrif had been slaughtered to a man. The Bolg then renamed the nation Ylorc and hid deep within the mountain.

The Bolglands have remained uninhabited by any other creatures ever since, they are a dark and desolate place of volcanic stone and ash. While not tainted in any way, it is a land naturally hostile to life, as the active volcanos in the region spew forth continual streams of molten lava. Until recently, the Firbolg existed in simple tribes scattered across the land, but some driving force has united fully half of the scattered tribes and now seeks to unite the rest of the race into an unstoppable fighting machine.

Exactly why is still unknown. In fact, these events have gone by largely unnnoticed by the nearby nations, and only the most observant in earth-lore know that anything is wrong.


Notable Figures
Drace - Half-Firbolg, aspiring Warlord
Grunthur - Half-Firbolg Gut, childhood friend of Drace and head of the Ylorc army.
Rakshas - Shing (Elemental), trapped within a bracelet that Drace wears, provides him with a powerful insight to his kingdom.
Krak Red-Eye - Firbolg, staunch enemy of Drace and determined to bring the Halfblood down. Head of the Bleeding Eye clan, one of the most powerful in Ylorc.
Vugor Night-Hunter - Firbolg, ally to Krak. Vugor leads the Night-Hunter Clan, a clan of scouts and assassins.
Axtrok Bloodgut - Firbolg, neutral leader of the Bloodgutz Tribe.

In-Depth Descriptions
Born of a Firbolg rape of a Slypnir Female during a raid, Drace has the characteristics of both his Firbolg father and the reptillian Slypnir. Drace is slight in comparison to the other Firbolg and practices the art of assassination rather than brute force. He is also a master weaponsmith, wielding the Kwellin, a weapon of his own creation that fires razor-edged discs with deadly accuracy.
Half Firbolg, half Brunian, though born of a union of love rather than rape. The Brunian's are desert nomads that are almost as large and as powerful as the Firbolg with tan skin, Gruthur takes this tanned hide from them, but his hide is as thick and tough as leather. Wielding a pair of gigantic Axes amongst other weapons, Grunthur is a force to be feared.
One of the eternal Shing, the thousand eyes of the F'dor. Rakshas is a spirit of fire and sight, able to warp fire itself and foresee the immediate future. Bound eternally to the ring worn by Drace, Rakshas serves Drace without question in absense of a better master.
Krak Red-Eye
Leader of the Bleeding Eye Clan and in command of fully a quarter of the available Firbolg in Ylorc, a large number even for a Gut clan. The only real threat to Drace's reign. Krak sees himself as Warlord of Ylorc and is determined to defeat Drace at all costs. Krak is brother to Vugor, the shamanistic leader of the Night-Hunter Clan.
Vugor Night-Hunter
Brother to Krak, Vugor is the Shaman-Warlord of the Night-Hunters. A nearly unmatched mage and a powerful warrior, Vugor is almost a match for Drace's rougelike skills. Vugor supports Krak with the power of his Eye clan and the information they can gather.
Axtrok Bloodgut
Neutral leader of the Bloodgutz Claw Tribe. Axtrok commands approximately an eighth of the available Firbolg in Ylorc and while vulnerable to attack from the other major powers his forces are sufficiently large enough to make such an undertaking detremental to the attacker. Drace wishes to gain Axtrok's allegience, whereas Krak is more interested in crushing the erstwhile Claw.

Ylorc is a large crater basin surrounded by mountains. Underground tunnels allow for access to the basin itself. Most of the Firbolg live in caves underground.

National Objectives

United We Stand
Drace must unite the Firbolg before he can afford to venture outside of Ylorc. He must unite the remaining tribes and clans beneath his banner, by war or by diplomacy.

Cloak of Darkness
Drace must make sure that the outside world does not get wind of his forging of a nation until he is ready. No Firbolg can be allowed to leave Ylorc until he has rebuilt the Seat of Power.

Economic Powerhouse
Once Ylorc is united Drace must return the ancient Canrif forges to working order and begin production of useful trade goods, including steel and weapons. Once these trade goods are created, Drace must gain a trade pact with at least one nearby power and begin trading these goods for products he cannot make inside Ylorc.

The Cauldron
Once Ylorc is united the Firbolg must be forged into a fighting machine, both by regular training and combat with one of the nearby nations. Drace must also protect the Seat of Power from any outside assaults.

Not yet decided

Racial Descriptions
Born of a union between the Earth and Fire, Firbolg are large dark green skinned humanoids with large tusks. They stand approximately seven feet tall on average and are much larger and stronger than the average human.

Racial Advantages

I'm Large and in Charge!
Firbolg are very powerful, their units are much stronger than equivilant Human units, but take up more resources as well.

Unique Mentality
The Firbolg are masters of survival and weapon forging, as such they can create a number of highly unique products that can be extremely useful to other nations. Many Firbolg can also learn Survival Skills, which allows them to return to life when killed.

Racial Disadvantages

Me Big Hungry
Firbolg are large, as such they require significantly more resources to upkeep than equivilant units. They also lack any serious stealth units apart from Drace himself.

Technology Level
Low - The Firbolg usually scavenge for their weaponry and use crude axes and clubs for preference. However, Canrif has a large amount of the amazing technology from the Riven dynasties and, if these technologies can be tapped, the Firbolg can make use of surprisingly advanced weaponry.

Racial Abilities

The Firbolg are natural scavengers, as such, almost all of their infantry units can scavenge dead bodies for 1 - 3 gold or 1 - 3 food.

Tough Hide
Firbolg are blessed with an extraordinarily tough hide, as such they take reduced damage from enemy weaponry.

Cave Dwellers
The Firbolg tend to live underground in the absolute darkness of caves. Because of this they have excellent night sight and as such do not suffer reduced sight range at night.

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Ever since the practice of magic began to spread, mages have come together to discuss their art and how to further it in the world. It is not surprising that many of them desired a city of their own where they could live in peace away from the “mundane”. However, the unenlightened mundanes were prone to wars amongst themselves, and such noise would interfere with the more important research. Thus, the mages decided to create a city in the sea. There they hoped to build an Eden of academic thought, free from all the flaws that plagued the cities of the mundanes. Unfortunately, the realities of the world forced them to modify their idealistic perceptions.

The first problem arose when they realized that even with magic, creating a buoyant city is incredibly difficult. Even the most powerful hydromancers were forced to admit that it would be impossible, and the mages were forced to move to a small archipelago instead. Next, the wizards found that summoning an entire building would be too inefficient too, and they had no choice but to construct buildings the old-fashioned way. At first construction was slow, but eventually the conjurers became adept enough at summoning tools and supplies that the mages could build in earnest. Of course, all the mages refused to touch the tools themselves, so only those adept at telekinesis could actually build. The next problem arose as the city progressed; the wizards realized that there were some jobs that they had not even considered that the mundanes were useful for, such as cleaning the streets and growing food. Now that they were cut off from this labor, the wizards would have to do that themselves. Eventually, the wizards would be split into various castes based on the schools they were most talented in. These castes would take the names of the four elements, but this refers to their duties and not what kind of magic they practice.

The Atlantians are primarily human, but they scorn making distinctions based on race. Instead, they separate themselves based on magical ability and talents into four castes.

Earth Caste
The Earth Caste is the largest of the four, descended from the conjurers who first built the city. They are responsible for building and maintaining the city, as well as growing the crops needed to feed the mages. In war, the more powerful members may conjure powerful golems to defend themselves.

Water Caste
The Water Caste is the most diverse of the four. Their magic focuses on purification, and many members act as healers or support casters. The lowest members of this caste are responsible for keeping the city clean and maintaining the latrines. However, more successful members of this caste may become sea-faring merchants. Few pirates dare to attack a ship flying the Atlantian Flag.

Air Caste
The Air Caste is comprised of psychically gifted mages. They are trained to use their skills to make the other castes work more efficiently, and are often in leadership positions. Diplomats are usually members of this caste.

Fire Caste
The Fire Caste only accepts the mages with a destructive flair into their ranks. They specialize in making war, and command potent magics meant to obliterate their enemies. Though all the castes use their skills in battle, only the Fire Caste has was as their primary function.

Notable Figures

Daedalus Majere: High Arbiter
Leader of the Atlantians, Daedalus became High Arbiter following a vote amongst the heads of the four castes. This process ensures that the High Arbiter is a respected magus, because only the heads of the castes may become High Arbiter, and to win at least one magus must not vote for him/herself. Prior to his victory, Daedalus was head of the Air Caste, continuing their general dominance of the Atlantian leadership. Daedalus, like most members of the Air Caste, is calm, reserved, and fair-minded. Whether or not he is wise enough to lead the Atlantians in this troubled time remains to be seen.

Prometheus Pyros: Head of the Fire Caste
During the election for High Magus, Prometheus voted for himself. He has a strong, domineering personality that reflects his caste, and was quite irritated when he was beaten once again by what he refers to as an “air head”. There are some rumblings that Prometheus may attempt to gain the position through force, though it seems unlikely that even the warlike Fire Caste would dare to do so.

Theseus Eidon: Head of the Water Caste
Theseus had no illusions of becoming High Arbiter, for he understood that his and the Earth Castes are at the bottom of Atlantian society. Instead, he voted for Daedalus because he believed that with Majere he would have a chance to improve his caste’s position. Prometheus, he knew, would scorn the other castes in order to increase his own power and prestige.

Hephaestus Grimhammer: Head of the Earth Caste
Hephaestus voted for himself. Unlike Theseus, who seeks gradual improvement for the lower castes, Hephaestus desires immediate change. He is angered by the lack of respect his caste gets despite its vital role to Atlantis, and will stop at nothing to get some. If he manages to gain the support of Theseus, the Fire and Air castes may be in danger of being userped. Already there are some violent elements; when news came that Hephaestus lost, several Earth Caste mages attacked the shipyards and did considerable damage to the fleet before being stopped by the Fire Caste.

Atlantis is a series of small islands, west of the main continent.

National Objectives

Sinking Hopes
A failed uprising by the Earth Caste resulted in the sinking of many ships. One of the first objectives of Atlantis must be to rebuild their fleet and restore trade with the continent.

Knowledge is Power!
The wizards of Atlantis seek nothing less than to understand the inner workings of the universe, for through understanding comes control. Everything they do has this end in mind; even their sea empire is nothing more than a means to gather supplies needed to allow them to continue research. Each constructed library brings them closer to this goal. Due to the nature of this goal, it may be possible for the Atlantians to “win” without ever battling another faction.

Racial Advantages

The Merchant of Venice
Because of the aquatic nature of their city, the Atlantians have mastered the art of ship building. Their fleets allow them to trade with the continent, and in the case of war can keep their city safe from attack.

If Magic is the lute of life, spell on
Due to their arcane nature, the Atlantians are inherently resistant against magical attacks.

Racial Disadvantages

It’s just a cookbook!
The farm-mages are generally resentful of their mundane duties, and strike back by using inefficient means to produce food. Atlantis therefore must struggle to keep a large enough food supply.

Girly Man!
Because of their utter reliance on magic, most Atlantians are quite frail and can’t take much punishment before succumbing to their wounds.

Racial Abilities

Magic: The Blathering
Despite their aloofness, the Atlantians tend to have good diplomatic relations with the other races. This stems from their diplomats’ uncanny ability to always know what to say to please their counterpart (they are psychic after all!).

Mana fixation
Because they rely so much on magic, the Atlantians have mastered various ways of tapping into it and have an increased rate of regeneration.
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The Kingdom of Roland
The Kingdom of Roland has long been staunch enemies of the Firbolg. Bordering Ylorc to east, Roland has suffered what its leaders believed to be Firbolg atrocities for as long as they can remember. The reality is that the Firbolg were more interested in fighting amongst themselves than invading Roland, and as such the annual 'Spring Cleaning' excersize has been a farce all along. Nevertheless, the rulers of Roland continue to work in what they think is safeguarding their lands, when really it is more likely to just be throwing lives away for no reason at all.

The motives of Roland are often in question, and it has had its share of darker rulers in the past, the current lord; Stephan, is one of the better ones, though he has been known to be quick to anger and short sighted in the past. Roland is known across the world as a manufacturer of all kinds of high quality goods and has trade partnerships with many other nations. Stephan is oblivious to the eyes that are watching Roland for this exact reason, waiting to strike, but his advisor; Borim, is not. Borim has been known to resort to very dark means to protect his liege, but his ultieror motives have always been for the benefit of Roland. If he is hiding a deeper agenda is unknown.


Notable Figures
Lord Stephan Alvescious - Human, King of Roland.
Borim Deepgut - Dain, Advisor to Stephan, also trained in the trade of a thief.
Lady Alvescious - Human, Stephan's wife.
Robert Makvolt - Human, Captain of the Guard, a powerful and well trained fighter.
Baron Sharpfield - Human, General of the East Roland Army, owns a large estate near Ylorc.
Marqis Harven - Human, General of the West Roland Army, has often had less than polite run-ins with Shepfield.

In-Depth Descriptions
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Lady Alvescious
Coming Soon
Baron Sharpfield
Coming Soon
Marqis Harven
Coming Soon

Roland is to the west of Ylorc, most of the lands are open grassy plains, though the north encompasses the Dain stronghold of Steelgate and the south borders the Deep Wood.

National Objectives

Border Patrol
Roland must be ever vigilant against the Firbolg from the east. They could attack at any time. While Stephan will not allow an all out attack upon Ylorc, small raids to attack the outer regions can and should be undertaken.

Mercantile Nation
Roland is a nation that relies heavily on trade to gain the funds it needs to upkeep the large armies. To aid in this endevour, Roland must construct and protect at least 5 marketplaces and gain at least 2 trade relationships with nearby nations.

Standing Army
Roland is a juicy prize for any strong enough to take it. Make sure that nobody is by training and maintaining a powerful standing army, ready to take on any aggressors.

Charting the Uncharted
The Deep Wood has always been uncharted territory, Stephan plans to change that. Send Explorers to the Heart of the Fell and map as much of the Wood as possible. Few have come out of the Wood alive, so an armed escort is suggested.

Not yet decided

Racial Descriptions
Humans are of average size, with soft pink skin and an ingenious nature that belays their usually weaker physical strength. This comes with a highly overrated sense of self-importance that usually translates into vanity bordering on arrogance. Generally, most races are measured by their differences to the Humans.
Dain are born from a union of the Earth and the Water, unlike Firbolg who are born of the Fire and the Wind. As such, they tunnel effortlessly through stone as if it were liquid, crafting some of the most impressive underground fortresses in the known world. It was the work of Dain that first hollowed out Canrif. Generally they are quite short, 3 or 4 feet in height and just as broad across the shoulders, with long beards and a constitution that far outpaces their phyiscal size.

Racial Advantages

Roland contains multiple races and as such has immediate access to cross-race technologies.

Mercantile Nation
Roland is heavily dependant of Trade for the funds to train and upkeep its army. Roland gains a small bonus to all coin gained from any form of Trade and can produce Trade Goods at a reduced cost. Additionally Roland has access to upgrades that increase these effects.

Racial Disadvantages

Trappings of Power
Roland contains multiple lords and army sects, each quite powerful, this gives the nation a much more flexible military might, but at the same time leaves it open to Revolution.

Disreputable Dealings
The Merchant Lords are generally not fond of Roland, as it takes away much of their profit. As such, they have multiple spy and assassination organisations active within Roland, any one of which can strike at any time.

Technology Level
High - Roland itself is not in a position to produce much technology on its own, however, thanks to the Dain Roland has unmatched facilities for the processing of goods, so if the raw materials can make it to Roland, they can be turned into amazing products.

Racial Abilities

Rolands armies are trained in the art of Battle Tactics, and as such gain the ability to reduce incoming damage and deal more damage as they are trained to higher levels.

Ingenious Construction
Humans have always been ingenious and highly clever, this combined with the Dain's prowess with the earth has led to the construction of several powerful technologies in both military and mercantile ventures.

Lower tier units can be trained into higher tier units if the resources are available and the facilities are there. This takes less time than training the unit outright, but tends to cost more.
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Kaos, the Land of Rage
The lands of Kaos are the home of some of the fiercest warriors known. Here they train and battle against one another to improve their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. All Kaos-trained soldiers are valued highly by other nations, and feared by opposing forces.

The kings of Kaos come from each of the 'base' races. They each control an army and a small chunk of the Land of Rage.

The history of Kaos is fractured and broken, as those who go to report on it very rarely come back, and if they do, it is most often in pieces. As far as the world knows, the first race within Kaos was the Kindred, a race of demon-esque creatures. Slowly, other cruel and vile races flocked to the Land of Rage, drawn to the Kindred like moths to a flame.

Flamefur Tribe (Worgen)
Blacksword Clan (Orcs)
Blood Elves

Notable Figures:
Promathia the Bloodspiller (Kindred)
Promivyion (Kindred)
Moonfang the Skycleaver (Worgen)
Kelkulkan Gro-Malug (Orc)
Azulmok Gro-Malug (Orc)
Ailiss Alligondar (Blood Elf)

In-Depth Descriptions:
Promathia the Bloodspiller: Promathia is the lord of all Kindred within Kaos. He was the first known Kindred to step foot into Kaos and begin the harsh regime within the Land of Rage. He holds all of the races within Kaos under his iron will.

Promivyion: The second-in-command to Promathia, Promivyion is also known as 'The Empty One'. A former Kindred general, Promathia shattered his mind and warped him to his will, thus creating an ever-loyal servant that could not betray him. Promivyion wields a fierce greatsword in battle.

Moonfang the Skycleaver: Moonfang and his Flamefur tribe came to Kaos searching for power untold. However, all they found were the mighty armies of the Kindred. They were quickly captured, and soon became a native race to Kaos. Moonfang regularly visits Promathia with updates of the Worgen armies.

Kelkulkan Gro-Malug: The Gro-Malug brothers brought the Blacksword tribe to Kaos due to an exile from their homeland. The stronger, Kelkulkan, quickly cowed his brother into submission and became the Warchief of the Blackswords. As soon as the Kindred caught word of them, they raced out and subjugated the orcs, creating a third army.

Azulmok Gro-Malug: The younger Gro-Malug brother, Azulmok was cowed out of the position of Warchief and became the chief warlock of the tribe. When they entered Kaos, his shamanistic heritage was thrown to the wind as they worshipped the Kindred as gods, and drew upon demonic magic.

Ailiss Alligondar: The former leader of a blood elven sect, he and his forces came to Kaos to defeat Promathia. Little did Ailiss know that Promathia himself drew them there, and when he arrived, his mind was broken and he became akin to Promivyion. He and his forces now provide much needed spell-casting backup to the stronger Kindred and Worgen.

Kaos lies to the far south of most of the other nations.

National Objectives:
Blood, I need more Blood! - The ferocious races of Kaos are beginning to rip each other apart in their fury for war. Without an output for this, they may tear each other to shreds.

Come to me, ye who thirst for death! - Promathia is always looking for more 'recruits' to join his armies in Kaos. Thusly, the armies seek to subjugate other races and bring them to Kaos for 're-education'.

Shatter the Barrier! - The Lands of Kaos have been sealed off with an ancient magical barrier. Thusly, they must gather enough magical force in order to shatter the barrier and free themselves before they can accomplish any other objective.

Racial Descriptions:
Kindred: The Kindred are probably the most bloodthirsty race in Kaos. They love battle and war, and will do anything to get their fair share of it. The Kindred resemble demons and other creatures, and their leader, Promathia, resembles a human in dark black armor.

Worgen: The Worgen come a close second in bloodthirstiness to the Kindred. They are said to live only to eat, sleep and kill. They often feel the need to help others "Shed that itchy skin called life". They resemble a wolf on it's hind legs with very big claws and fangs.

Orcs: While orcs are naturally warriors, the orcs of Kaos are berserkers. They have abandoned the standard shamanistic magic, and have taken up warlock magics again. These orcs have dark gray skin instead of the standard green.

Blood Elves: The blood elves of Kaos are spellcasters to the extreme. Bolstered by the Kindred's teachings, they have learned to wield very powerful spells and abilities. They look no different from blood elves in other areas, thus proving them useful for recon and spying missions.

Racial Advantages:

Hey look, it's raining blood!
The races of Kaos (especially worgen and Kindred) grow stronger with each successive victory against an opposing army. Thusly, after a few successful campaigns, they become an even more ferocious force.

No you fool, like this!
Combat techniques are shared among the races of Kaos, as are spells and abilities.

Racial Disadvantages:

Death! Death! Death!
In the heat of battle, residents of Kaos have trouble defining friend from foe. Thusly, if they are not under a powerful figure, they often resort to a berserk rage, attacking both ally and enemy indiscriminately.

Technology Level
Medium-High. While Kindred and Orcs can create masterwork weapons, they most often choose only to outfit the best with them. The worgen cannot wield weapons at all.

Racial Abilities:

Hail the Blood Red Skies (Kindred) - The Kindred can invoke a bloodlust within themselves, thus raising attack power and speed. (Self only)

Cannibalism (Worgen) - Akin to the gnolls, the worgen can feast upon the corpses of the fallen, restoring health to wounded bodies.

Smash, Burn, Pillage! (Orcs) - The orcs of Kaos have refined the ability to pillage buildings when fighting, thus allowing them to take riches while beating down structures.

Magic (Blood Elves) - The blood elves have mastered their fel magic, thus allowing them to wreck enemies from afar with spells.
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Preanthor, far west and north of Elendor, Land of Pain
The Tribes, a group of many unhuman creatures, who reside in Preanthor -- Land of Pain -- have settled fortified strongholds to each of their races. However, some Forest Trolls and Ogres have decided to move deeper into Elendor, the Land of Stars.
The Tribes' current problem is lack of ore and sometimes food during the war. If the food production sources are destroyed, The Tribes may have problems with the food supplies. For this reason, the Forest Trolls and Ogres intent to find more food, by moving deeper into Elendor. They have found that the noble and mystical Elves hold many farmlands near the river, due to a good farming area.
In Preanthor, every creature is friendly to each other and true hostile to outsiders, but the Tribes sometimes have conflict with each other.

Flamescar Tribe (Orcs)
Woodkeeper Tribe (Forest Trolls)
Windbane Tribe (Tauren)
Glitterdeep Tribe (Kobolds)
Crawpaw Tribe (Gnolls)
Darkwater Tribe (Lizardmen)
Piscosis Tribe (Murlocs)

Notable Figures
Venomoth Bloodcurl (Orc)
Markoni Redsight (Orc)
Chief Baddra (Ogre)
Villichi Long Blade (Forest Troll)
Mil'janza (Forest Troll)
Thar Windbane (Tauren)
Jarek the Lotus (Tauren)
Desslock Glitterdeep (Kobold)
Mok Draggha (Kobold)
Doomroar (Orc)
Agrorak Crawpaw (Gnoll)
Selice Shadowscale (Lizardman)

In-Depth Descriptions:

Crawpaw Tribe
Doomroar: Doomroar is an orc who took control of the Gnolls' Tribe after Agrorak Crawpaw was captured by the Ogres of the Flamescar Tribe. The Gnolls are currently under submission of the Orcs.
Agrorak Crawpaw: Agrorak Crawpaw is the true chieftain of the Gnolls' tribe. When he was searching for food, he was captured by Ogres. He is currently being held with his hunters on cages guarded by the Ogres.

Woodkeeper Tribe
Villichi Long Blade: Villichi, a Forest Troll Spearmaster, learned the arts of war after the Forest Trolls joined The Tribes. He protects the woods with his life, that's why he decided to join the Woodkeeper Tribe instead of being a wanderer, since the Woodkeeper Tribe share his love for nature.
Mil'janza: Mil'janza is the leader of the Woodkeeper Tribe. He is Venomoth Bloodcurl's most trusted servant, but they are also very friendly towards Ogres. Mil'janza doesn't like to be controled by Venomoth, but due that the Flamescar is the most numerous and strong of all the Tribes, Mil'janza has to obey him.

Windbane Tribe
Thar Windbane: The powerful and wise Thar Windbane is the chieftain of the Windbane Tribe. The tauren, noble and peacefull warriors, were lacking food and would most likely starve, until they met The Tribes. Althrough Thar Windbane was pleased that they found plenty of allies and food, he didn't like the Lands of Pain for it's green water and silent woods.
Jarek the Lotus: Jarek the Lotus is a brother to Thar Windbane. He is respected by all the races of The Tribes, since he respects them aswell. Jarek believes that there is no difference between all the races, every creature must be respected, whenever it is Kobold, Gnoll, Orc, or any other.

Glitterdeep Tribe:
Desslock Glitterdeep: Desslock Glitterdeep was the founder of the Glitterdeep Tribe, and has been chieftain ever since, due to his strength. No one has ever beated Desslock, so it is likely that he will be chieftain until the end of his days. The only warrior that has given trouble to Desslock is the ogre Baddra.
Mok Draggha:: Son of Desslock Glitterdeep, Mok Draggha will take the father's leadership when he dies.

Darkwater Tribe:
Selice Shadowscale: Chieftain of the Darkwater Tribe. The Darkwater Tribe is the main source of food to all the other tribes, for such, Selice Shadowscale cares much about his food production source. Some orcs tryed to raid the pig farms of the Lizardmen, ending up impaled. Even to this day, their heads remain as a sign of "No transpassing".

Flamescar Tribe:
Venomoth Bloodcurl: Venomoth Bloodcurl is an elite of the Flamescar Tribe. He commands the clan into battle whenever needed, and kills everyone in his wake.
Markoni Redsight: High Far Seer of the Flamescar Tribe, Markoni advises the warriors and trains other shamans. He dislikes the Lizardmen, but is forced to keep diplomacy with them due that the other Tribes would most likely take an offensive if they saw the Orcs' greed on food.
Chief Baddra: Baddra is the chieftain of the Ogre part of the Flamescar Tribe. He is a powerful warrior and feared amongst many of the Gnolls and Kobolds. Even Desslock Glitterdeep is aware of his strength.

Preanthor is called Land of Pain or Deadland, due to it's green and like-corrupted water. The woods are silent and mysterious, while home for many insects like spiders and lots of ants. One of the rivers has the normal blue water, controled by the Lizardmen. This river also leads to the land of the Elves.

National Objectives

I want my stomatch filled!
The Ogres and Forest Trolls have made a party to travel to Elendor, in search for more resources, specially food and ores. They have found the mines of the Dwarves and the Farmlands of the Elves, and will most likely call the rest of The Tribes. If this happens, the Men, Elves and Dwarves of Elendor might not be able to resist without help.

Ore! I want to be rich!
There is no kind of ore on Preanthor, just hard rock. For this reason, they search for ore in other lands.

Racial Descriptions
Orcs - Orcs are savages by nature, they are the most warlike of all The Tribes. They also employ a shamanistic culture.
Forest Trolls - Like all the Trolls, they are cunning and know many ways of making traps. They are a little taller than Orcs.
Gnolls - Gnolls assemble a humanoid body and the aspect of a hyena or wolf. They are cunning and sometimes canibal.
Kobolds - Kobolds are small but annoying and persistent creatures. However, a show of strength to them, means everything. That is how Desslock Glitterdeep raised to power.
Tauren - Tauren are tall and strong, but slow creatures. They fight with honour and determination.
Lizardmen - Assembling a body of a Draenei, these creatures are fast and have a special talent for the arts of a rogue.
Ogres - Tall and very strong creatures, who like smashing and pillaging. They employ a shamanistic culture just like the Orcs.
Wyverns - Wyverns are noble creatures who are natural to Preanthor and help all The Tribes. They have provided good mounts for Orcs aswell.
Kodos - Kobos assemble the bodies of Lizards, but black skinned. They have provided a good mount for Orcs.

Racial Advantages:

The land and I are one.
The Tribes possess a love for nature and for Preanthor. Whenever the silence of Preanthor is threaned, The Tribes make everything possible to protect their homeland. Even the spiders and other creatures fight the outsiders. This takes them to fight harder, becoming a more dangerous foe.

Two heads are better than one.

In The Tribes, technology is shared amongst all the races.

Racial Disadvantages

Argh damn, more mouths to feed!
Due to a large population, The Tribes often have problems with food. Also, if the Lizardmen's food source was destroyed, most races of The Tribes would likely starve.

Technology Level
Medium - Althrough The Tribes share the technology amongst them, none of these creatures possess a good knowledge of technology, making their Technology level a little lower.

Racial Abilities

Canibalism [GNOLLS ONLY]
Gnolls are canibal, which means they feast upon the enemies flesh when they are dead, and sometimes even during the combat, making them feared by human creatures.

Feral Heart [ORCS ONLY]
The Orcs are savages by nature, their strength and endurance flow in their veins and body.

The Forest Trolls are Cunning and smart, their war arts allow them to dodge many of the enemy's attacks.

Persistence [KOBOLDS ONLY]
Althrough often a bit weak, Kobolds are persistent creatures, they don't resign easly.

Peace and Love [TAUREN ONLY]
Whenever the peace of The Tribes is threatned, Jarek the Lotus and the Tauren Druids quickly take action to calm down and end conflicts. For this reason, Tauren are well respected and possess a good art of both Shamanism and Druidism.

Lizardmen possess a special talent for Rogues. For this reason, few dare to challenge the Lizardmen, for many of their elites can become invisible and backstab.

Murlocs can submerge under water, and emerge when their enemies least expect.
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Kelethas, Forests of Spirits.

South of the lands of Elendor, beyond the sea, and in the lush forests of Syldain, lies the Wood Elven capital of Kelethas. Many centuries ago, while the Elves were still in their alliance with the Dwarves and Men, a small sect of the Elven powers learned of Druidic magic. Due to the Elven kindgom's attunement to Fire and Frost arcane magic, they were shunned.

This neglect, eventually led to a insurrection of the Druidic Elves from the Frostwielders and Flamewarders. They fled the cities of the Elven powers, and went to the south, beyond the sea, and into the forests of Syldain. There, their skin grew to a light brown, their hair to either a silver or oak color, and their eyes to green. [And no, that doesn't meen they glow like BE eyes.] Their continous practicing with Natural magic improved their senses further, making them into very exceptional Rangers and Scouts, while they began to grow weaker in strength, making them not very good at being Warriors.

During their practices with Druidism, the Elder Druids became so obsessed with their powers, that they over-used them, on themselves. Portions of their bodies became that of wood, and their skin to a pale green. After these experiments, the Elder Druids then called themselves the Dryads, and became their own seperate race that worked in tandom with the Wood Elves. The Dryads new bodies gave them even more increased control over Natural magic, while the Wood Elves, seeing the reprecutions of over-using Druidism, steared more towards their ways of Stealth and subtlety.

With the aid of the Dryads, the Wood Elven settlements on the ground, were moved to cities in the trees, built on platforms of extraordinarilly long and thick branches. They became a threat to themselves when Goblin invaders came, and attempted to set fire to the forests, but the Dryads were quick to place enchantments on the forests, providing a much increase defense and resiliance to fire. After the enchants were placed, the Goblins were routed, and the forests were secured once again.


Wood Elves

Noteable Figures

Thantis Moonrunner: Elder Dryad [Leader]
Syndal Nightarrow: Queen of the Wood Elves
Tynial Forestsong: Wood Elven Ranger General

In-Depth Descriptions

Thantis Moonrunner: Thantis was the first Elder Druid to perform the spells that would change the Elder Druids into the Dryads, and ever since, he has held the highest position of power, as their leader.

Syndal Nightarrow: Syndal was originally a highly ranked scout, and the first Ranger General of Kelethas, but when their first leader, Thantis, became a Dryad, Syndal took his place as the ruler of the Wood Elves, and became their first Queen.

Tynial Forestsong: Tynial was originally Syndal's Lieutenant, but when Syndal rose to become the Queen of the Wood Elves, Tynial was left to take the position of Ranger General. She safe-guards the forest borders, and keeps splinter-cell Ragers throughout the land, charting the terrain, and keeping an eye on the other races.


The forests of Syldain are located beyond the seas that lie between it and Elendor, while a small strip of land to the West connects it to beyond the mountains to the west of Elendor. To the North, East, and South, Syldain is encompassed by the seas.

National Objectives

- The Wood Elves and Dryads continue to safeguard their borders, and continue to do so.

- The Wood Elves have small pockets of Scouts out in the world, watching the other Races, but particularly the Elves they derived from.

Racial Advantages

Stealth - The Wood Elves and their agility have become the most skilled Scouts and Rangers known of.

Druidism - The Dryads and Wood Elves are speculated to be the only races that are aware of Druidism, and strive to keep a firm understanding of the forces of Nature.

Racial Disadvantages

Feeble Blows - The Wood Elves and Dryads make poor fighters, due to their lack of strength and endurance to taking a pounding.

What breaks easier, Wood, or Stone? - In the end, with the Dryad and Wood Elven cities being in the Trees and being made of Wood, their defenses against a strong Fire Mage or a few Axe Wielders inside their cities could prove extremely dangerous.

Racial Abilities

Ranger-craft - The Wood Elves and their skills at being Rangers, can oft befriend a natural companion of the woods for aid. Plus, their senses have been trained and honed for enhanced sight and hearing.

Natural Summoner - The Dryads, with their astonishing skills of Druidism, are generally able to call forth defenders of the woods, to aid them.
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Grand Duchy of Scythika

Though a small dot amidst a swirling and vast sea the Scythika Isles gleam like a pearl breaking out from the crashing foam. All manner of ships glide effortlessly across the water like skates on ice, their triangular sails slicing the air like a blade through cloth. From above, the vessels appear to be as gnats, swarming around their hive that is the main Isle and buzzing to and fro between the continents.

The Scythikans are a naval powerhouse, nearly unquestioned on the seas. Their ships sail from the most remote coasts of Preanthor to the edges of Kelethas, and everywhere in between. Their sails are a welcome site for all, for the most part, for the Scythikans are traders and hold no affiliation. They trade with whoever has coinage, and their merchant convoys can be seen like lines across the ocean. On a lesser known note, they also "escort" national traders across the sea, providing hired protection, and to a shadier extent, passage. The Scythikans consider themselves rulers of the sea, and see its stretches as their domain. Though many wouldn't hesitate at first to point out otherwise, the Scythikans are also known for one other thing: their guns are very powerful, very accurate, and very unique.

The Scythikans aren't particularly keen magic users, but know when to make use of a useful thing. Rather than devote complete study to it, they mix lesser magic with their armaments to produce a hybrid in technomancy -- magical weapons. Specially designed guns and cannons fire enchanted shells that produce anything from a firebolt, an explosion, or a more complex spell. Combined with already advanced technology, the Scythikans have easily earned respect from even their most brutish of...clientele. Though the Scythikans may deal with any race, they never feel shame in reminding their customers that following their rules and guidelines is always a healthy choice.

Many races man the Scythikan's ships. Though mostly human, there are a sizeable amount of Dwarves, Elves, and even Orcs who have taken to the ways of the seafarer. But in truth, individuals from all over the world serve aboard the Scythikan Navy, making it truly a nation where ability, not race, matters.

Human (80%)
Dwarves (10%)
Elves (5%)
Windscar Clan Orcs (5%)

Notable Figures

Duke Morrick Strathmore (Human)
The current ruler of the Grand Duchy, and the latest in the Strathmore dynasty. According to local legend, the Strathmores were in fact escaped rogues who fled to the Isles and, after many years of plundering, established the duchy. Though Duke Morrick has failed to confirm the popular pub tale, he has distinctly neither denied it.

Jack Spicer Forsyte (Human)
Captain of the Ninebreaker, one of the most infamous ships in all the Scythikan Navy. Supposedly, he scuttled nine enemy vessels with one cannon-fire, hence the name. Though this tale's never been proven, at least by anybody other than Captain Forsyte's crew, his ship is feared for its speed and dreaded firepower.

Randall P. McMurphy (Human)
A small time smuggler and con-man, Captain McMurphy of the Cuckoo's Nest nevertheless holds a reputation of getting out of any situation. Rumors say he even managed to evade both undead and Firbolg one time. Though these rumors only arise in pubs, they make a great story to share nonetheless.

Ridaos "the Decksweeper" (Dwarf)
Ridaos, sometimes called 'Daos' by those close to him, but known universally as "The Decksweeper" to all, is a juggernaut. Normally, one wouldn't expect a dense and hefty dwarf to be an ideal sailor, yet Ridaos has (and it has been confirmed by witnesses) been seen to single-handedly clear an entire ship of would-be pirates. Or, in darker tales he is the one to single-handedly take over a ship. In any case, he's known for literally being the last one standing.

Athos Stryfe (Dwarf)
Athos is a renowned sharpshooter, unrivaled with his twin pistols. He claims never to use anything longer than a 10-inch barrel wheel-gun. Judging by his feats of sniping away at targets on enemy ships, his claims needn't be called into question.

Chaim Crestbreaker (Orc)
Chaim hails from the Windscar Clan, a clan of Orcs who love the rush of the sea. His ship, Fenrir's Fang, is one of the feared Dreadnaught-class battleships to prowl the seas. Though his vessel is slow, he fires with near pinpoint accuracy and is a master strategist. Despite the casual rivalry between the different racial sailors, Chaim is respected among them all for his shrewd battle tactics.

Tesla Nogrod (Elf)
Magus Nogrod oversees production of the Scythikan's signature "caster shells," enchanted projectiles that cast minor spells when fired. The process is a carefully guarded secret, and must be carefully scrutinized. Though powerful, caster shells can and do occasionally misfire. Normally this just results in a dud, but it is up to Nogrod and his workers to insure that worse results do not occur, like magical backlash.

The Grand Duchy of Scythika lies in the middle of the world, on a small island east of Atlantis. Beyond the tides lay the nations of Elendor and Ylorc to the north, Roland and Deepwood to the east, Atlantis to the west, and Kelethas to the south. Though small in actual land, the Scythikans' real influence lies in its vast and powerful navy. It stretches across the sea and deals with any other nation, regardless of affiliation.

National Objectives

Hey, it worked for England...
The Duchy of Scythika has no standing army. However, it does have a large and highly trained, and armed, navy. Duke Strathmore counts on his fleets to spread Scythika's influence over the ocean and conduct business with the other nations. The navy is also seen as the Isles' primary defense; though a small elite guard is stationed on the main Isle Scythika's claws consist of its ships. Nevertheless, in order for any would-be conqueror to take the Isles they'd have to contend with the full wrath of the entire Scythikan Armada.

Just your friendly, traveling salesman...
The Scythikans primarily deal with trade. They'll hold business with any race or nation, regardless of affiliation, beliefs, appearance, or goals. The Scythikans offer to either act as transporters or escorts for imported/exported cargo. They also offer service as moneychangers and, in some nations, as lenders. The Scythikans see everyone as potential profit, and treat them accordingly.

Then again, there are some instances of Scythikan escorts forcing their services onto others, prompting the thought as to who the pirates really are.

Non-affiliated with any side, yet dealing with all of them.
The Scythikans are neutral to all nations and races, allowing them to conduct business with them. In times of war the Scythikans have no qualms with continuing to parley with the opposing sides. They will not tolerate restrictions on their business, even by one of the quarreling parties.

However, some Scythikans have announced themselves as guns for hire. Duke Strathmore has assured everyone that these mercenary citizens are in no way subtle attempts to push battles towards one side or the other and that the freelancers hold no grudges towards any one side. It is purely professional.

Careful, my trigger finger's a tad bit itchy...
Though the Scythikans are deliberately neutral, they will not hesitate to retaliate if attacked. They will eagerly deal with a nation, yet upon being shown aggression they will act accordingly. Usually threats come no higher than trade embargos, however, Duke Strathmore has declared he will unleash the Armada if prompted too.

Racial Descriptions
Humans stand about 5-6 feet in height. They are moderately strong and well versed with tools, providing the backbone for the Duchy's technological might.

Dwarves are stout and dense warriors, averaging 4-5 feet in height but almost twice the width of a human. Slightly stronger than humans, they have also proved themselves to be uncanny tinkers and engineers, not to mention superb marksmen.

Elves are thinner and fairer than humans. They are highly agile and quite intelligent, though this comes across as snobbish to others at times. They also hold a natural affinity for magic. They are excellent archers, and many are starting to bring this expertise over to firearms as well.

Orcs are bigger and taller than humans, averaging around 6-7 feet in height. They're much stronger than humans, though slower due to their girth. Those from the Windscar Clan have grown to love the sea, and when beckoned by the Scythikans to join their ranks eagerly accepted.

Racial Advantages

Versatility is your friend
Humans, while not the strongest or fastest of the races, are well-balanced overall and can adapt to a fair number of situations when the need arises. What humans lack specifically is usually compensated for with the elves, dwarves, and orcs among the crews.

Technomancy? What's that?
The Scythikans aren't expert mages, certainly no where near the level of the Atlantians or the elven nations. However, they do possess some magical prowess, thanks to some dealings with their western neighbors and the elves living on the Isles; and what the Scythikans do have they've combined with their main forte: technology. Combined, the result is technomancy, a fusion of high technology with magic enchantment for increased potential. A highlight of this is the Scythikan's caster shells, projectiles imbued with magic that is casted upon the round's impact on the target.

Some of the more advanced rounds do require more than just the energy placed on the shell to work. These rare, but extremely powerfully bullets actually draw upon the life energies of the user. To use them is a bittersweet deal: the more potent the spell, the more life it drains.

A sailor's life fer me!
The Scythikans are an island people, and their well-being depends on their ships and the sea. Consequently, they are some of the best sailors around. Also as a consequence, this gives them the excuse to charge a little extra.

Racial Disadvantages

More like Jack-Of-No-Expertise
The one consequence of being so versatile is that the Scythikans have few areas in which they truly shine; they have few fields they can claim expertise in. They are not in general a physically strong people, or an agile people, or a magically adept people. Though not really lacking in any of those attributes, they can't hold superiority in them either when compared to some of the other races.

House of Imports
The Scythika Isles have few natural resources of their own. Most of the Duchy's exports are resources that come from the sea, or are materials traded to it by other nations. In reality, much of the Duchy's income and own trade is dependent on its dealings with other nations.

Well until they invent the Land-Boat...
Scythikan influence begins, and pretty much ends, at the sea. Aside from the mainland's coastal stretches, the Scythikans really have little to no physical influence into the hinterlands. To insure on cooperation even in the most land-locked of countries, they employ their trade with great efficiency.
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Elendor, Land of the Stars
Elendor is a tropical paradise, filled with creatures of every kind. Any wanderer who stumble into Elendor without any clue of where they are going will only find themselves in traps made by savage trolls. If the wandering party happens to be big enough, the ogre tribes will make short work of them. In the heart of this tropical forest is multiple tribes of different races: Magical and noble Elves, hardy, dependable Men, and stout and strong Dwarves. These tribes are locked in constant strife, with other races or their own.

There are two kindred of Elves: Flamewarders and Frostwielders. Both kindreds are ruled by dynasties; Flamewarder Dynasty rules Flamewarders while Forstwielder Dynasty rules Frostwielders. As their name suggests, Flamewarders use fire magic to protect themselves while Frostwielders use ice magic to protect themselves. Neither of these tribes like to war, so they never provoke other tribes. However, elves settled near a river, therefore has rich farmlands. Both men and dwarves hunger for it and assault elven settlements near the river often.

There are three nations of Men: Gonduin, Luinlad, and Annador. Each nation is ruled by powerful nobles, each noble competing the other for power. However, these nobles almost always unite against other races. Men are marvelously skilled with their hands, and are able to craft from weapons to beautiful gems. However, they live near the ocean, and farmlands are nowhere to be found within 10 mile radius of Elendor. Food shortage is often their problem, and a cause of wars against other men.

Finally, there are three clans of dwarves: Stonebreakers, Goldbeards, and Ironsharpers. Each clan, as their name suggests, own a mine of a mineral, whether it be stone (although few of their mines have marble deposits), gold, and iron. However, they are not gifted with crafting of minerals they mine. So they trade their minerals for weapons that humans offer. For this reason, dwarves are, more or less, friendlier towards men than elves. Because dwarves are surrounded by mines and forests, food shortage is also a problem.

There are a lot of wars in the history of Elendor. As stated before, Elves almost never start a war. However, Humans and Dwarves often ally each other in hope of gaining the rich farmlands near the river. Stout and Hardiness of Dwarves match well with Craftiness and Skills that Humans have. For many years, there has been constant skirmish near Elven borders. Elves have acted accordingly, by strengthened their army as well as their magicians, in attempts to secure their future. However, recently, Human nations have been thrown into chaos. Current High-King has been in bed, due to illness. Two nations, each putting their own Marquis as the candidate for the heir to the throne of the High-King, begin to mobilize against each other.


Notable Figures

Aglaril Flamewarder: Elf, Lord of Flamewarders
Aerandir Frostwielder: Elf, Ruler of Frostwielders

Aldarion Rochallor: Human, Marquis of Annador
Tuor Rothinzil: Human, Marquis of Gonduin
Incanus Nimphelos: Human, High-King of Luinlad
Valerian Neldoreth: Advisor to the High-King

Durin IV Goldenbeard: Dwarf, Lord of Goldenbeards
Dain III Stonebreaker: Dwarf, Lord of Stonebreakers
Thorin II Ironsharper: Dwarf, Lord of Ironsharpers

In-Depth Descriptions
Aglaril Flamewarder - Born into a magical family, he had a natural talent in magical arts. Upon death of his father, he dropped what he was doing, which was fighting against humans, and mourned the death of his father for next three years. After the mourning, he took up the leadership of his people. Aglaril is a very skilled wizard.

Aerandir Frostwielder - Although he was also born into a family of master swordsmen, he was also tutored by many archmages of Frostwielders. Wielding both his swords and magic, he’s a fearsome opponent in battle. He is also wise, and leads his people with great wisdom and knowledge.

Aldarion Rochallor - Raised from birth as a knight, he is gifted with natural talent of horseriding. When be became 15, he was knighted by his father. Ever since that day, he has not lost a single duel against one of the more experienced knights. He succeeded his father at a tender age of 19, but was known to have wisdom beyond his years. People of Annador has supported him in the claim of High-Kingship of all Humans.

Tuor Rothinzil - Raised in a peaceful pasture, not having a care in his mind until the death of his parents. Then he was forced to carry the burden of ruling his parents' land, as a Marquis. Thankfully, his parents left him several intelligent advisors that are loyal to their family. Tuor, however, does not particularly care for the position he currently has. He's not skilled in neither swordsmanship nor magical arts. His advisors as well as his people have supported him in the claim of High-Kingship of all Humans.

Incanus Nimphelos - Born into a family of nobles, he was gifted with the talent of foresight. When he succeeded his father, he was able to unite the entire humans under his rule. Although there are few disagreements among the nobles, they have pledged their allegance to the High-King. He wields a warhammer in battle, and is renown for his power. Due to his illness, he is unable to fulfill his position as the High-King.

Valerian Neldoreth - Born into a peasant family, he was very intelligence from the moment he was born. He was lucky enough to be noticed by a noble, who immediately took him under his wing and taught him everything from swordplay to tactics. The noble presented him to the High-King, who made him the personal advisor to the High-King. Although he is loyal to the High-King, he has his own shadowy motivates.

Durin IV Goldbeard - Hailed as the King of all dwarves in Elendor, House of Durin always claimed authority over their dwarven kin. Unlike three Durins before him, Durin IV claims no authority but remains in equal standings with the other Dwarflords.

Dain III Stonebreaker - Hailed as the lord of the Stonebreaker clan, he is a childhood friend of Durin IV. He will aid his friend no matter what the situation is. He is very skilled in combat.

Thorin II Ironsharper - Hailed as the lord of the Ironsharper clan, he is old, and very wise. He has seen three Durins during his life time, and have seen two of them fall in battle. He act as the advisor to Durin IV.

Elendor is a tropical forest, filled with many wild beasts. In the heart of the forest, however, is two large hills, housing two kindred of Elves. Between the two hills runs a great river, running from northwest plains to the south sea. Southern parts of the forest borders the sea, and men dwell near the coasts of the sea. Eastern parts of the forest borders tall mountains, and dwarves dwell on the base of the mountains.

National Objectives

Survival of the Fittest
Each kindred, nation, or clan struggles to survive and rule the entire forest. There are many wild beasts, including trolls and ogres, running about the forest. They must whether the attacks from the wild and bring other races under their rule. Only then they can begin conquering outside lands.

Natural Resistance
The forest itself has rose against three races. Recently, trees uprooted and attacked nearby dwarven villages. Many scouts that have gone into the forest has not returned. Until the problem is solved, any group of people less than 10 will not able to safely travel in the forest.

Racial Descriptions
Elves - Elves usually have blonde or light brown hair, long ears, and are mostly tall. They are fair-skinned and very lithe.
Humans - Humans either have black or dark brown hair. They have a well-built body and their hands are marvelously skilled.
Dwarves - Dwarves have black hair and black beard. Most of them are short, only growing to about 3' 10" to 4' 8". They are very strong and stout.

Racial Advantages

Once the races of Elendor unite, they will have immediate access to cross-race technologies.

Racial Disadvantages

It’s mine! All mine!
Three races of Elendor constantly battle one another for the control of the entire forest. If, by any chance, an outside race takes note of that and invades Elendor, they will be too weak to fight back. If they happen to unite at one point under one race, there is a possible chance of revolution from other two races.

Technology Level
Medium - All the races of Elendor have skills to make medieval-era goods from raw materials.

Racial Abilities

Magic Mastery
Elves have natural affinity to magic, and are only ones in Elendor to use magic. They are able to use this advantage to destroy their foes. Their magicks are more effective than other races'. (More effective spells than other two races)

Lithe Body
Elves are born with very agile bodies that enable them to move like no other race can. Elves can dodge some of the attacks by mere inches and strike back faster than others can react. (Swifter movement/attack speed than other two races)

Swift Healing
Elves are able to be healed from wounds faster than other races. They take less time to recover same amount of damage. (Increased HP Regeneration)

Skilled Hands
Humans have practiced and perfected themselves on weaponsmithing. They are the only ones in Elendor who are capable of creating jewels of great worth and high-quality weapons. (Their upgrades yield higher results)

Humans are able to last longer than even the dwarves in some situations. This allows men to last longer against the attacks of the enemy. (More HP than other two races)

Master Miner
Dwarves alone have the knowledge of mining raw resources. This makes them desirable trade partners with other two races. (Their trade goods yield higher gold)

Stout Shorty
Dwarves, thanks to their natural affinity to earth, have strong bodies than other races. They have increased defense to any kind of damage. (More Armor than other two races)

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Thorgith, The Dead Lands
Long ago, this land was ruled by a great empire known as the Malygon Empire. The land then was known as Malygon. For eight thousand years they ruled Malygon in general peace. In fact, it is said that before those eight thousand years, somewhere between ten thousand and nine thousand years ago, that this Empire stretched over all the lands. Supposedly, over time they gave independence to the lands they had conquered.
At the time of the lands fall, during the time of the Rithun dynasty, there was a large debate sweeping the land. You see, the Emperor, Emperor Uriel V, had died. His oldest son took to the throne, and took the name Reman III. Yet a mother with a child a few years older than Reman came to the Elder Council, claiming her son Morzan was the true heir. She told the council that before Uriel had met his wife, he had a relationship with her. This made Morzan the true heir. Yet the council would have none of it, as they had already chosen an Emperor.
A few days later, the mother returned, alone. She revealed herself to be a powerful sorceress, and killed all of the Elder Council. She then began killing Reman III brother's, but before she could finish and kill Reman III, she was killed by Reman III and the Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild, the elf Solfith.
Morzan had fled. He had been taught necromatic magics from his mother, so as well as being a warrior, he was a powerful necromancer as well. He began his own death cult, which he named the Cult of the Forsaken.
The cult attracted many members, most upset with the high taxes placed because of the recent attack that killed the Elder Council and most of the Royal Family. With help from the necromancer Telthul, Morzan raised a vast army of undead, and formed a plague that killed non-cult-members. When this army was ready, Morzan swept across Malygon. He gave the humans there two choices: join him as an immortal, or die and serve him mindlessly in undeath. Most ended up becoming undead, although those that joined him or were part of the cult became vampires. Eventually, Malygon lie in crumbles, Reman III lied dead, and the entire army of Malygon destroyed. The land stood still for three days. The humans that survived fled north to Roland, some to Elendor.
Then, the dead began to rise. They began to rebuild a nation of undead, serving Morzan and the dark humans, who had achieved immortality. Yet a few years later, a group of elf assassins managed to kill Morzan. Yet Morzan somehow raised himself from the dead, becoming more powerful then anyone could imagine. He became the Underking.

Deadlight Tribe (Vampires)
Deadfist Tribe (Vampires)

Notable Figures
The Underking
Telthul (Vampire Lord, chief of Deadlight)
Nazguth (Chief of Deadfist, vampire)
Reman (Undead)

In-depth descriptions
The Underking - He is dark lord of the Undead, and master of the vampires. Both races serve him without any thought to it. He is a powerful warrior, and a very powerful necromancer.

Telthul - He is the Underkings second in command, and leader of the vampires. He is a powerful necromancer. Being a good tactician, second in tactical thinking to the Underking himself, he split the vampires into two tribes. The tribe Deadlight is the tribe made of Necromancers and mages, and they raise the dead during battles. The other tribe is Deadfist, ruled by Nazguth

Nazguth - He is Chief of the Deadfist Tribe. He is one of the most feared vampires. He is leader of the Wraiths, an elite group of nine dark human warriors who had great magics put upon them by the Underking. They cannot be slain permenantly, for within a week they will rise again in Thorgith.

Reman - As punishment for killing his mother, and as a feat of power, Morzan (the Underking), raised Reman as an undead. Reman is now the high general of the undead armies. Even though in life he was the enemy of the Underking, he is purely loyal to the Underking in death because of how powerful the Underking is as a necromancer. This has a caused a joke amongst mortals, "Oppose the Underking as a leader, and he'll make you a general."

South of Roland, the Underking does allow mortals to pass through as long as the mortals do not attack him.

National objectives

-To be feared by all the other races

-Secretly, to bring undeath to the lands, particularly the elves. There are rumors that sometimes merchants crossing the dead lands are captured by undead ans feasted on, but this has never been proven true.

Racial Advantages

Food goes right through me
The undead and vampires don't need to eat, so they never have to worry about food. Although, the vampires still enjoy eating food

Leading a cult of death isn't easy
-Great numbers. For every mortal there is, there are three undead.

I see dead people
-Strong necromantic magics. The Underking is a great necromancer, and the vampires have a tribe of necromancers and mages

I need brains...
-Feared by every other race. Every race is very afraid of them, which is why most merchants hire mercenaries to escort them through Thorgith. Nobody travels through Thorgith without armed help

Tis only a flesh wound
-The undead can take many wounds to the limbs and chest

Racial disadvantages

I hunger for blood
The vampires have a thirst for blood, and whenever they see a mortal, they are tempted to drink that mortals blood. Sometimes during war the Underking allows vampires go and hunt mortals. All other times it is forbidden except for in war. Usually, the vampires suck the blood of animals as an alternative

Why'd you have to take it so far?!
-The undead are pretty weak, they can be wounded and killed easily by an average warrior who knows what he is doing

Darkness called, but I missed him.
-Dislike sunlight. The vampires and undead are used to the shadow of Thorgith, where it is always heavily cloudy. That is why the Underking has a large stormcloud go anywhere before his armies

-Not the best relationships with the other races

One mind(undead)
The undead are all controlled by the Underking. If the Underking were to ever be destroyed, the Undead would all go crazy, and start to go on a rampage.

Racial Abilities

Feast (Undead)-The undead eat corpses to restore their health

Raise dead - The vampires, and some gifted undead, can raise the recently slain dead, and many vampires can raise the dead from graveyards

Fear - The undead, and the nine wraiths, can emit high pitched screeches and battlecries that put fear into their enemies hearts.

Berserker (Vampire)- This causes the vampire to be able to attack faster, and do more damage
Sad preacher nailed upon the coloured door of time,
Insane teacher be there reminded of the rhyme
There'll be no mutant enemy we shall certify,
Political ends, as sad remains, will die
Reach out as forward tastes begin to enter you

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In the landlocked region tucked away between Kelethas, Kaos, and Thorgith, the people have not always been guaranteed the independence they currently have. Back long ago before the modern day, the Sarmathian Valley was concurred by more powerful nations seeking imperialistic goals.

Two hundred or so years ago, the long dead hero, Tyr Gragblin, lead the people of Sarmathia to a pyrrhic victory over their oppressors. After seeing that freedom was possible, the Sarmathians practiced guerrilla war tactics and did everything they could to hinder their enemies’ occupation of the Sarmathian Valley. Eventually, the long forgotten Empire would collapse from within and the occupation would end and the land of Sarmathia could begin to heal.

And so it has healed and flourished under its new line of kings; but to some, it looks like bloodshed may return to the land…


Notable Figures
King Meniatal III – The human king of Sarmathia for the last three decades
Orvius the Bastard – The king’s top advisor and the secret leader of espionage activities
Lord Baldralth – Incredibly wealthy nobleman
Captain Farron – The popular Captain of the Guard of Sarmathia
Rokha – A hound renowned for her size and ferocity, answers to Baldralth

In-Depth Descriptions
King Meniatal III
Thirty years ago, Meniatal III took over the position as king at the age of twenty-two. His father, Alexis II, had been incredibly popular and no one would’ve expected Meniatal III to be any less than his father. Within the first five years of his reign Meniatal III replaced his old advisor with a new one, Orvius Cominlius who would later become known as Orvius the Bastard. By the end of his first decade of rule, Meniatal III’s reign had become so unpopular that a band of Sarmathian’s attempted to assassinate him, the first attempt to do so in Sarmathian history. Orvius suggested that Meniatal III forge a secret police to monitor his people and that Orvius be put in charge of it, the Sarmathian king accepted. Meniatal III has continued to lead his people down an uneasy path with increased taxes and harsher laws.

Orvius the Bastard
Orvius the Bastard, originally Orvius Cominlius, is an outsider which led to his instant unpopularity in Sarmathia. There have even been rumors that he is from the “Empire of Old” but most regard this as sheer ridiculousness. But none deny that he is, as his title suggests, a bastard. Orvius has pushed the Sarmathian king to make many unpopular decisions, and while the Sarmathians do not yet hate their king their rancor at Orvius only becomes greater everyday.

Lord Baldralth
Lord Baldralth is a relatively young and ridiculously wealthy nobleman. His influence spreads across Sarmathia as he owns much of the land that farmers work on, merchants sell on, and artisans craft on. On top of this, Baldralth has begun to secretly import goods from other nations, a practice which is both strange and incriminating. Baldralth is married to King Meniatal III’s daughter and is third-in-line for the throne, after Meniatal III’s two sons.

Captain Farron
Originally, Flux Farron was a simple farmhand but he quickly proved himself as a worthy swordsman and was conscripted into the Sarmathian Guard. His swordsmanship and quick mind took him farther up the ranks until he reached the top position as Captain of the Guard of Sarmathia. He is widely considered to be the most talented swordsmen ever to live in Sarmathia as well as a brilliant tactician and dynamic leader. Captain Farron’s popularity with the people is unmatched by anyone in the Sarmathian Valley, a fact that worries some.

Rokha is in some ways Farron’s double. Rokha too is famed across the land of Sarmathia as the fiercest and most powerful of her type. Though of course, Rokha is a hound and not a human. Rokha was sold by the Sarmathian government to Baldralth for a sum that most would cringe to hear. Although Baldralth would say it was worth every penny. In some ways he is right.

Landlocked between Kelethas, Kaos, and Thorgith.

National Objectives

We shall not fall
The Sarmathians are too proud of a people to ever allow another occupation of their land.

What’s that smell…?
Keep foreigners out and keep relations with other nations to a minimum.

Racial Descriptions

Humans are of average size, with soft pink skin and an ingenious nature that belays their usually weaker physical strength. This comes with a highly overrated sense of self-importance that usually translates into vanity bordering on arrogance. Generally, most races are measured by their differences to the Humans. (Sorry for stealing it)

For what some speculate may be thousands of years, the Sarmathians raised and trained their hounds. Over this long period of time these once-beasts have become incredibly loyal and well-trained. A Sarmathian hound can comprehend and perform large amounts of commands; when combined with their instinctively violent nature they are a force to be reckoned with.

Racial Advantages

Man’s Best Friend
The hounds of Sarmathia follow their owners to the death. With such a fierce and loyal beast this can only be an advantage in battle.

King’s Best Friend
The Sarmathian people are fiercely loyal and it would take much for them to turn against their leaders.

Racial Disadvantages

Our Flagship, the Titatanic
The Sarmathians have little access to large bodies of water. If they ever do manage to get a hold of a piece of the coast they probably won’t know what to do with it having little experience with the sea or ships in general.

What’s a Maggik?
Sarmathians have limited knowledge of magic and do not practice it at all.

Damn Mexicans
The Sarmathians hate foreigners and will in no case ever have anything to do with them, nevertheless befriend them.

Bows Are for Your Wife’s Hair
The Sarmathians do not value those who fight with ranged weapons. To fight with such a weapon is usually considered cowardly, although recently the Sarmathian king has been integrating female archers into the Guard.

Technology Level
Medium – The Sarmathians are well-versed in the ways of technology but don’t value it nearly as much as other groups of people. They tend to be traditionalists and would rather use obsolete technology they are more comfortable with than a newly developed technology. The Sarmathians do not use magic in any form.

Racial Abilities

Natural Bladesmen
The Sarmathians train with swords the moment they can to the day they die. Combined with their well kept secrets for swordsmanship they are very lethal with a blade. Gives all melee human units the chance to block an attack or deal extra damage.

Guerrillas, but not like King Kong
The Sarmathians have always been willing to be a little underhanded or sinister, thus they’ve become quite the experts at it. Allows all human units to remain hidden when not moving.

Better then a Hawk
Sarmathian hounds have keen senses of sight, sound, and smell increasing the distance they can see and reducing the loss of vision at night.
Look here brotha.
Who you jivin' with this cosmik debris?
Look here brotha.
Don't you waste yo' time on me.