Hicks family connected to the McKay

Hicks family connected to the McKay

Shirley Starks
Shirley Starks

July 17th, 2003, 5:42 pm #1

My cousins and I have found ancestors beyond those in Virginia, for the Hicks. We would like to share this information with any descendants.

Descendants of Kimble HICKS.. by his son Stephen & Emma (RUST) HICKS:
Benjamin F HICKS [1820] m'd Ann Elizabeth McKAY [1830]
1) Robert V Hicks, [Oct.1853] VA, d. TX + Mary J.
1a: Lou C [Feb 1880];
1b: Augustin (Augustus?)1885 + Nita L. They moved to California. 1930 Census. Had a child or step child, Mary L. There may be other children.
2) Emma Hicks
3) Gilbert S Hicks
4) Lucy A Hicks, 1858

Robert Vincent Hicks appears to be the only one to have descendants.

Benjamin Hicks' brother, Thomas K HICKS, 1818 + Virginia Victoria Greene.
William P HICKS + Mary E "Mollie" HUDNALL
1a: Edith, d. young
1b: Richard Hudnall Hicks 1879
1c: William Thomas Hicks 1881
1d: Mary Green Hicks 1791 + Percy Warren McKAY

Richard Hudnall Hicks moved to NY. Some of his descendants moved back to the Warren Co. & Fred. Co area of Virginia.

William Thomas Hicks remained in the general area. I've seen them in Shen. Co and .. Warren Co, VA.

If you know any descendants of these, please tell them I'd like to correspond with them.

Some of their ancestors were Humphrey Morrey / Murray (1st mayor of Philadelphia. Appointed by Wm. Penn).
His son, Richard Morrey / Murray, of Philadelphia Co, PA. Richard's daughter, Matilda Morrey m'd Anthony Kimble.

Anthony Kimble is the one for whom I have the least amount of data. His daughter, Mary, m'd Charles Hickst / Hicks. They had a son, Kimble Hicks, b.1746 PA. He died in Fauquier Co, VA near Paris. 1837.

Nicholas Hickst, from the same area, who had a son named Charles Hickst / Hicks. Charles m'd Mary Kimble. (Parents of Kimble Hicks.)

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