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Name: Nia.

Called Nia Storm Chanter at sea or Nia Frostborn in town.

Age: appears to be in her mid-twenties.

Her exact age is unknown because she was found abandoned in the sewers.

Race: Draconid.

Draconids are humanoid dragons. They tend to be slightly on the large side but not more than eight feet tall at their biggest. Not all have wings and of those that do only about half can fly. They have tails and digigrade legs. Draconids have draconic heads and faces and are covered from head to toe with colored scales. Some have horns, spikes, frills, and other draconic features. Both their hands and feet are proportionally large, like they need to finish growing into them.

Culturally the Draconids are free spirits. They have no land or government of their own. They will watch out for their own, but they are born to wander and explore. The thing that will bring the largest group of Draconids together is food. They have excellent senses of taste and smell; so food, especially those with strong or rich flavors, were almost euphoric. They will eat food from each other's plates and pass around assortments of spices to add to each dish to find the best combinations, which of course vary depending on the individual's palate. This sensitivity also helps them identify a good number of poisonous, toxic, or expired foods, especially in the wild.

Draconids are also prone to treat clothing as decoration only. As they are fully armored, there are no sensitive areas that need protection, and the more common armors can actually be damaged by those with rougher scales, some Draconids ignore cloth entirely. They do like to dress up and show off their style though, so it is quite possible for a Draconid to have all assortment of clothing, armor, and so forth without even a second thought.
- Draconid Race concept belongs to T.S.Gemperline

Physical Description: Nia is short for a Draconid, being 6' 4" tall. Her scales are a crystal white like ice crystals over freshly fallen snow. She has wings that are also a little too small. She can glide with them, but that is all. Her eyes are a pale sky blue. She has a thick mane hair, white as snow, that she had dyed, styled, and decorated more than anything else.

More often than not Nia is dressed in an ever changing wardrobe as she lives with a seamstress. She prefers outfits that leave her feet and hands free, but isn't normally too worried about her wings and has even had them magically hidden so they didn't interfere with her outfits at all.

When she works she will wear soft leather clothing. Something that won't tear easy on ships and doesn't draw too many looks.

Nia wears peacock colored (green-blue) scale armor over her normal leather clothing if she is expecting trouble. She also wears a mask/helm when dressed in full armor. It is solid white and has three deep green eyes on each side of the face, the largest ones being the ones she sees through. She carries a large shield and a flail, as well as a pair of daggers, when armored.

Personality: Nia is very curious by nature and loves to try new things and visit new places. However, she does have a little bit of a short complex that has a hair trigger.

History: Nia was found as an orphan by a troupe of Draconid "Ladies of the Night". The Matron took her in and raised her. She learned to play the drums to earn a little of her own coin when she was young, but the Matron was not looking for Nia to be another "Lady". Encouraged to go out and find a place for herself, Nia soon became a Storm Chanter. She could control the weather enough for not only the safe and swift passage of ships, but also as a tool she has been honing in combat.

She can take ships anywhere in the world and return home safely because of a magical mirror she earned when she was first working as a Storm Chanter. The mirror is attuned to her and on command will teleport her and whom ever is touching her to the mirror's location. She keeps this mirror in her home, the attic room of a well know seamstress' shop. Happy with her job and career, she continues to seek work where she can to keep the life she built for herself.

Bard: Nia has a strong affinity to music and a well tuned sense of empathy. She tends to sing songs and play music to lift the spirits of those around her. She has no interest in joining the Bardic Guild though. They seem to have a monopoly over the households of the elite and high class. However, she has never seen herself as one to be tied down somewhere. So she ignores them.
Spell-like Bardic Abilities:
  • Fascinate: She can draw attention to herself in a crowd with even the most simple song. As long as their lives are not in danger or otherwise rushed, she will hold the attention of all those in hearing range until her song ends.
  • Encourage: Those who stop and listen to enough of her music to remember a catchy part find themselves feeling in better spirits, literally making their day.
  • Epic Tale: If given the chance, Nia loves to sit down with a small crowd and tell an epic tale from time long past. She gets her stories from people and ancient texts. She hopes to add her own tales soon.
Storm Chanting, Novice: Chanting while playing the drum allows her to expand an influence on existing weather. This was a lost art from the Magic Schools of Rynth and she was, and is being, taught in secret from a wanted Rynth fugitive.
Spell-like Storm Chanter Abilities:
  • Call Wind: She can literally call the winds to her, directing the air in it's own language.
  • Summon Clouds: Through drumming and chanting she is able to create a storm cloud as long as there's enough moisture for one to form. She can also make storms bigger or cause them to dissipate, but it takes awhile to do.
  • Called Strike: her newest skill is the Called Strike. It is hard to do if the situation isn't optimal, but she can cause the location she indicates to be struck by lightning. If a living creature is there or near there they will have the slight warning of all their hair standing on end moments before the strike. No deaths have resulted, but burns and both physical and mental shock often result.
Rage: If she feels belittled, or made fun of for her height at all, Nia is prone to short fits of rage. She cannot tell friend from foe and will lash out in a blind rage. She has had it happen in combat before as well and it startled her. She tries to keep control of herself while fighting as she would like not to harm her allies.

In Town
Random outfit with hidden coin pouch(s).
Small tin and ivory drum.
Medallion, inscribed on the back to allow her busking rights and entry into many places of business. It i identifies her as a Non-Guild Bard.
At Work
Weathered leather drum on a thick strap.
Leather banded work clothing.
Full Scale Armor, Peacock colored, with resistance to electricity and wind.
Large Shield, imbued wood (ironwood).
Morningstar, mace.
In her Apartment
Mirror, 8 feet tall by 3 feet wide. Hanging on wall in her attic room. It does allow for return to the previous location within 5 minutes, though a minute is lost per additional person transported.
Large Trunk, trunk of holding. Magically has exactly what she is looking for on the top. Used mostly for clothing. Too large to take with her anywhere.

Genre choice: Fantacy

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Good to go! See ya in the stories!
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