Local Map of Downtown Newark

Qui Amar
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1.) Turnpike on-ramp: Please...dear god....Bring change. You do not want to know what they do to people that blow by the toll booths.

2.) Jake’s Used Cars: A family run operation that has been servicing Downtown Newark since 2023. A front to most, Jake’s specializes in nondescript lemons armed to the teeth and armored with the newest technologies. Their low prices are unbeatable, and their line of equipment runs from common to extremely illegal. It all depends who you know….

3.) Jason’s Soy Hut: Owned by ex-Lone Star officer Jason D’Angelo, a fat orc with an attitude straight from the heart of Newark. Just an all organic (synthetic) pizza/burger shack with a basement filled with illegal munitions stock piled in the basement next to the frozen soy meatballs. Jason, of course, denies all illegal activity and gang/corp affiliations. He works for the runners.

4.) Critters: A pet shop that just happens to be conveniently located next to the race track; their dog food prices (and glue) unmatchable. But their other business is lending money; gamblers that lose everything always end up asking the Critter’s lone shark staff for favors. Fail to pay, and see if you are not the new flavor of Whiskas.

5.) El Chop Shop Loco: Cybernetic body customization….in the Slums…Need I say more?

6.) United Prime Requisite (UPR): United Technologies franchise gun store. All the shit still has their original serial numbers and come in a box…Even the grenades. You’ll pay an arm and a leg for a zip-gun….But they are oh so conveniently located.

7.) The Jackal’s Soul (Get Out, We Don’t Have What You Are Looking For©): Another United Technology endeavor that specializes in shamanistic needs; Foci, low to medium level spells, totems and trinkets. The place is well lit and run but a rat faced man named Tom. Tom….is a suit from Seattle. Tom keeps really weird shit in the back room…

8.) Cyber-Gills: Persona Engineers: A privately own decker shop being pressured by United Tech to sell. Upgrades, software, implants, security systems, programs and ice breakers. They are known for their detail in digital personas and sub-dermal communications. Their decks are…okay…I guess….I mean there will be a lot of cool custom colors, bells and whistles, but the real power to run the Matrix is just not there. You’ll rarely find illegal programs either, but Cyber-Gills is a must for basic hacking needs.

9.) Newark Scrap Metal: Despite its name, Scrap Metal is actually one of the hippest bars in Newark. Small and cozy, the local patrons are not usually looking for a fight….in fact, most are looking for a Mr. Johnson.

10.) Cyberfrag Tattoo Emporium: The sweetest joint for ink; multicolored, optical and glow in the dark…amongst others. They also have specialists there that can customize eye, hair and skin color.

11.) The High Ball: Now, I’ve only been in this place once. It’s a corporate hangout for suits, bagmen, and corrupt cops and judges. Lots of business deals go down inside here, hence why their physical security (bouncers I mean) are very large and very mean. Hacking into their mainframe is even tougher; I mean I have seen deckers fry their brains in a matter of seconds trying to battle their black ice.

12.) The Wilted Liver: A liquor store…and one of the biggest black-market organ dealers in the city. Conveniently located next to a free clinic The Liver will reattach and arm or pay you for a kidney. You can get your fingerprints altered or change your eyeballs for those pesky rental scanners…Oh, and it’s in the Slums.

13.) The Candy Store: A gummy bear and peppermint slathered drug den. BTL (better than life) booths directly link your brain to the matrix while you choose your own fantasies. That’s just the legal stuff though. ::Winks::

14.) This place has no name…And they probably won’t let you inside anyway. But they sell some great shit there…I mean like….I shouldn’t even be telling you…