Cassandra Lalita

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Cassandra Lalita

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Name: Cassandra Lalita

Age: 21

Race: Half-human

Physical Description:
A delicate body holds soft fabrics, usually of earthy tones. Cassandra loves her short brown hair and blond highlights, and she always seems to find a way to compliment it with browns and tans. When she walks, as some like to point out, she flows, as if walking on air, or even water. All of her clothes being light, any hint of wind and the material will caress her body.

Unsure of where she is or what she’s doing, Cassandra has a tendency to be a wall flower, but when she’s with Marionette, she tends to bloom a bit more.



Cassandra’s magical style focuses on bone, specifically using it to enchant items and cast spells. It often uses the power of song and various gemstones.
1. Conjure Air: The ability to conjure strong winds and control the air. She’s still learning.
2. Envenomed Clouds: The ability to sour the mist in the clouds. This also, usually, causes it to rain.
3. Ancient Invocation of Time and Charm: An advanced spell that allows Cassandra to control/change time and/or charm any being, substance, object, or mind.
4. Manipulate Weather: With the power of song, Cassandra can change the weather around her.

1. Vinegarette Lips: Cassandra can sweet talk almost anyone if she finds a reason to, and most of the time, get them to do anything that she wants.

1. Gem of Spectral Sound: A Gem that produces deafening screams.
2. Lantern of Reflection: A lantern that shows the onlooker a twisted reflection of themselves.
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You're lantern and your gem would be listed as magical items (since they do something) so before you can use them IC, you're going to have to RP about them first with another player. So, you can free up those 2 spell slots and add other spells if you wish.

Other than that, see you in the stories

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