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((Map is correct. Leaving following info for reference until new and more accurate info is written up instead))

1 - Eastern Cape
2 - Western Forests
3 - Jungle
4 - Mountains
5 - Desert
6 - Islands

Might have to use the big map to be able to find the towns as I don't have markers for them, yet:
Coridia City - The Capital (All Races)
Tarnet - Town on the Lake (Human ruled, but very multicultural, as it is practically connected to Coridia)
Riverport - Trade and transit hub at the southern tip of the Eastern Cape (All Races as it's not really run by anyone)
Nthanda - Desert City-State (Human, has a little Beastkin presence)
Aisling - Beastkin "capital" on the largest of the Islands (Beastkin are certainly the majority, though visitors are frequent and often wind up permanent residents)
Siar - Beastkin town in the northern part of the Forest, nestled against the Mountains and bordered by the river (Almost exclusively Beastkin, due to remote location, but very welcoming)
Star's Fall - High Elf City at the southern tip of Rivyn (Ruled by High Elves, some Wood elves do live here, but even though there are many gardens, it is too far from the forestline for a lot of them, many humans also live in Star's Fall, drawn to its wonder)
LakeHaven - Wood Elf "capital" (Will let Rai make a synopsis here)

This Page is nowhere near finished, and the map itself will also be getting proper labels for the others soon, but I got as far as Coridia's label, and need to sleep, so that's what is there. So keep checking back for proper labels, a higher res map, and other goodies!

If you need it, here is a version of the map with no labels.