• The Leaky Cauldron
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    Unseen by Muggle eyes, enter into a wizarding pub on Charring Cross road, and you will find good spirits, food, beds, and the gateway to the heart of wizarding commerce in London.
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  • Diagon Alley
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    In a back alley behind the Leaky Cauldron lays a brick wall. Tap the correct bricks with your wand and a sudden gateway forms, revealing a cobblestone lined street with magical stores of every shape and size lining it. Only now, with the decline of the wizarding population, many of the stores remain empty.
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  • Knockturn Alley
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    Follow the sign leading off the beaten track of Diagon Alley and a darkened pathway is revealed. Down this path lays the dark arts, flesh-eating things and their repellants, a fighting hall, and even sometimes…human remains.
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  • The Ministry of Magic
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    Descend through the red telephone booth, down beneath the streets of London, the word MAGIC dialing you to another world, one where the Ministry of the wizarding world lays. - Forum OPEN on Levels 2,4, & 8. All other levels still closed to all except the Search & Recovery Team!!! The stench of smoke & ash lay thick within the Ministry, but it is slowly being rebuilt!
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  • St. Mungo's Hospital
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    Within London lays Great Britain's last remaining wizarding hospital. Speak to the mannequin and enter through the abandoned storefront's window into a world of magical remedies, where magical injuries are healed, ears steam, and biting teacups are removed from the earlobes, even if most of the floors now lay empty.
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  • The Great Hall
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    Once the magnificent, looming doorways to the Great Hall are opened, and four stretching tables can be seen beneath an enchanted ceiling, the evening or morning sky mirrored within it.
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  • High Street
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    Hogsmeade's Central Thoroughfare is called High Street, and along it lays the heart of the village itself. Upon Hogsmeade weekends Hogwarts students are a staple.
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  • Town's End
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    A trek through the village's' central thoroughfare, along with an adventurous spirit shall lead you down the side alley's of Hogsmeade here.
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  • Outskirts of Hogsmeade
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    Along a darkly shaded path one must travel to reach the outskirts of Hogsmeade. Thick, ominous forest presses in along both sides, a solitary shack waiting at the end...
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  • The Evies!
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    You are all sadistic sociopathic-towards-fictional-characters handlers. As such, we feel this needs recognized. Introducing the Evies! The awards location for all the evil moments on the board during the past year! This is where evilness is celebrated. Enter if you dare....
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