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Quick question

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03 Oct 2016, 17:58 #1

Hey I'm new and I am working on my character bio when I came across an issue I am unsure how to go about fixing.

I want to play a born werewolf child who is about 11 years old and doesn't know about being a werewolf. Her mother was a kinfolk who never discussed the possibility of werewolves being more than fairy tales. Well, her mother dies and she is sent to one of the locations that are currently available in the RP forums (I haven't decided yet).

But here's the issue.

Because she's too young to have shifted yet, Do I just give her a phase and have her first shift happen on that or do I wait and see what phase it is during the RP session she reaches puberty in? My usual RP experience is based off rolling dice to determine otherwise out of our control circumstances so I kind of want to do it that way here too if that is okay?

Also is this perpetually year 2010 or do you have a timeline of some sort so I can determine when she'll reach puberty?

Sorry if these are weird questions and I understand if I'm overstepping or asking something that's been covered already. I would appreciate all the help I could get though! Thank you.

~ Serenity