Non-wolf shifters!

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Hey guuuuys, so, guess who posted more options.

The intent always was to have other shapeshifters, but they are limited. This is primarily a werewolf game, and there are population restrictions built into the history of the other species. Please use your common sense if you want to create one of these other species. We're not going to have a limit or quota or anything like that, but don't be... excessive.

And for now, there can be no shapeshifters besides werewolves in or near Point Grey. (except Mikhael)

Oh look here's some info.

I'm working on the other species, if anybody particularly cares to input, feel free. Don't feel like I'm going to say "well this is this way and that is that so nyer."

However, these are independently researched species, please remember, and not just blatant copies of the White Wolf versions. Unlike the werewolves, any similarities between RA's shifters and the Fera of WOD are coincidence.