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Alexi Vishinsky
"I plan to get somewhere by putting one foot in front of the other."
    Nicknames: “Twain” – used only occasionally
    Age: Appears to be between 17-19, is around 34.
    Gender: Male
    Species: Werewolf
    Human appearance
  • Height: 6”1
  • Weight/build: Lean
  • Hair: Brown, straight
  • Eyes: Originally green – he no longer has eyes.
  • Clothing: Anything comfortable – now with no colour co-ordination
  • General description:
    His general feel is that of someone who’s too young to be where he is. Especially when he bites his nails, Alexi generally makes the more maternal around him have an urge to care for him. Generally, his expressions aren’t very varied and he usually looks a little confused when calm. However, since his return, he’s been a lot more casual and mature.
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    Phase: Crescent Moon
    Calling: Seeker’s
    Pack: Kahlite
    Rank: Kappa
    Gift: Dreamwalking
    Gift Description:
  • Expertise/strong abilities:
    Can either observe/experience the dream of someone or work to alter a dream, but cannot alter while experiencing the dream.
  • Weaknesses/liabilities:
    He can easily be detected in a dream especially by other dreamwalkers, empaths and telepathics.
  • Story behind character's abilities:
    He never practiced his powers well enough to be better. Not to mention he didn’t want to intrude.
    Wolf Forms
  • Size: Medium
  • Markings: No markings, but has tri-colour fur
  • Power form: Has never been in power form – so even he doesn’t know how big he gets. He’d be not much larger, though.
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  • Likes:
    Meat cooked on an open flame
  • Dislikes:
    Pity instead of kindness (don't ask how he tells the difference)
    That he's never had a girlfriend
  • Defining characteristics:
    He’s rather reticent really and barely complains. He doesn’t mind the lack of company because he has his studies to occupy him. Due to a variety of reasons ranging from his favourite American author to his split personality, he has been named ‘Twain’ though the nickname may be more of an insult than a loving one. He has a strong belief in fate and that’s why he believes everything happens for a reason and it’s best to go with the flow than to stop and question every boon and bane than befalls him. Eventually he got bolder and felt the need to go beyond Point Grey and explore the world. He wanted to study the changes in the world and went out bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

    He doesn’t seem to mind his new affliction. He’s happier that his spasms are gone even though his sight’s gone too. He takes it uncannily lightly and often makes up stories about how he lost his eyes to amuse himself and or children.
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    Father: Deceased
    Mother: Deceased
    Siblings: None
  • Significant Other: None
  • Friends: Sapphire, Dava
  • Students: None
  • Mentor: None
  • Acquaintances: Sophie
  • Enemies: The bjorn who took his eyes
    As a child, Alexi always had a day blindness (hemeralopia). His night vision was fine, but he had a growing fear of daytime. This coupled with his usually shy personality got him some bullying in school. Though a small group of children took pity on him and took him in, befriended him and kept him safe. So other than the occasional insults and pushing around, he had a very pleasant childhood except for his slight increased fear during the day – the same most people would have at the uncertain feel at night time. The school allowed him to take exams in rooms with translucent windows closed. Naturally smart, Alexi did very well in his exams. He graduated school two years early due to his exceptionally skill in science. He aspired to be a doctor someday and began research in medicine at an early stage.

    However, when he was seventeen, a werewolf who attacked him. His attacker did not have the Infection’s Calling, yet Alexi found himself face to face with the powerful jaws of a werewolf in his moon phase. He fought back hard, but was practically ripped apart. That very night, after his body accepted his change, he left a note to his mother that he was leaving home and would not be returning. He knew it would cause her grief but he did not feel that he could sustain a purely human life from now on. He did it all with a sense of unprecedented practicality instead of it being a painful, emotional goodbye.

    His day blindness was healed, yet his fear of the day remained and manifested into something bizarre. Now when he is in the sunlight, he starts to lose control of himself. His speech slurs and his extra body movements – facial expression, gestures while talking, eye movements and twitching – get wild and uncontrolled. Due to this strange disability, Alexi was shunned from the pack for a long time and lived his days following the shade of trees and buildings. Generally, avoiding direct sunlight keeps him calm, but walking through it covered up doesn’t help much. Proper shade can protect him. During this time, though, he would bring several books on medicine and as if he were continuing his education, he would read them religiously, understand and learn. This was mainly because he had little else to do during the day and was under the mercy of the rest of his pack. Yet he was a gentle and unobtrusive boy and few in the pack noticed him enough to bother him. To anyone who came with a smile, he would smile back, be polite to and helpful to.

    After his study of the flora and fauna in Point Grey had satisfied him, he turns his sights elsewhere. After being approved supplies and avoiding anyone who cared enough about him to stop him from leaving, he set out for the world. He went in winter and crossed the dangerous ice caps from Alaska to Siberia. From there, he went around mainland Asia and Europe, learning of the changes in human kind, plants, animals and, much to his surprise, other shifters. Shifters and their guarded humans were safe enough to rebuild in the world. He took extensive notes and compiled about 23 journals of notes before he decided to go home. He didn’t really go around Africa and never landed in Australia, though he would have loved to.

    When in Norway and attempting to get passage to Canada by sea, Alexi stayed in the wooded areas of the country. After hunting one day, a bjorn attempted to intimidate him away from his kill. Alexi put up some resistance, but eventually yielded. He ran into the bjorn many times while there and his mate took pity on Alexi. The woman found Alexi once and offered him food and water. Since Alexi had her scent the next time he met her mate, Alexi was accused of attempting to seduce her. By then relations had already been bad. He was attacked and when pinned down, his eyes were gouged out. Then he was left to rot.

    Alexi managed to get back to the ports and found safe travel back to Canada. He made his way back to Vancouver slowly and headed home, still traumatised and recovering. The trip back gave him the time to get himself together and now although he still has problems with bleeding, he is quite stable.
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