New album in 2018?

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New album in 2018?

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does anyone know anything concerning new Jason's album? I know he's been recording it now but maybe someone knows more details.

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No details yet...except new tunes being played live. Keep in mind that some songs played on tour (especially the more fun ones) may end up on EPs (like Mama Says) instead of the actual album. I could see that happening with Chocolate.

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Whatever's on it, I'll love it!

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Since you started the thread, let's do a rundown of all the new tracks recently heard here (all can be found on YouTube - although the titles may be off)

Work In Progress **
Man Who Planted Trees
Just Friends
My Own Shit
Let's See What The Night Can Do ** 
If You Think You've Seen It All
Making It Up (possibly known as Life's Too Short?)
Going Going Gone
Always Looking For You
Another Victory
Coming Undone ** 
Might As Well Dance **
You Do You (I'll Do Me)
Love Is Still The Answer **

I've marked ones with ** that I think have a good chance based on how long they've been played.

Then there are other songs that could still make a cut and songs that were listed on ASCAP that I've never heard - I will update this post as they come up. If someone knows if they are older tracks, let me know
Beam of Light
Places You Will Go
I Can Only Be Me ---- this is likely another wording for You Do You
Can't Hold Out On Love
Love Strong
Home Sweet Home
Five Minute Goodbyes

There are some songs he did with Martin Terefe (who did WSWDWST) so I don't know if these were new or old. But he also did write some stuff with Martin that went to other artists.

If Love Fails As It Would
Do You Know What It's Like
These Are the Days
She Dances Like An Angel
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FYI, a handful of new songs (not yet heard) have popped up on ASCAP. These might be renamed versions of some others but I don't recall these lyrics anywhere.

Keep On Believing
When It's Right 
The Subject Is Us