Looking for "Return of Jason Mraz"

Post here for live shows that you are looking to trade or acquire.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless a taper specifically releases a show early, it is considered "bad practice" to request a show recording any less
than two weeks after the show took place.
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November 16th, 2008, 1:04 am #21

If anyone is willing to trade I have a few Mraz DVD shows I would gladly trade for these. If not and anyone still willing to BnP them for me I would be forever

Here is what I have...


6-27-02 = 1 disc (@Java Joe's)

9-8-02 = 1 disc (@ the Gorge)

9-21-02 = 1 disc (@Java Joe's)

10-15-02 = 1 disc

3-24-03 = 1 disc (House of Blues)

1-06-04 = 1 disc

Austin City Limits = 1 disc

5-22-04 = 1 disc (Today Show)

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November 16th, 2008, 4:58 am #22

Many of you may already know this, and it may not make any difference but I feel inclined to mention that "The Return of Jason Mraz" isn't what I
would call an "album". It's just a collection of live songs someone put together a while back and passed around the web. Many, if not all of
them, are from shows on archive.org. Just putting that out there since it hadn't been explicitly mentioned yet.

ETA: Eric, check your Yuku mail
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I still want the songs please:)
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Hi! I've been poking around here for some time, and when I saw this thread I just couldn't resist...

I'm interested in the Rhythm Cafe discs, Before Rockets and Roosters, From the Cutting Room Floor, A Jason Mraz Demonstration, and Sold Out (In Stereo). I
don't have much of my own to trade, but I do have some videos that I recorded at one of his recent concerts. If anybody could help me out, i would really
appreciate it!


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I'm going to jump in line. I would love to have them. I unfortunately don't have trade with the handicap of living in Alaska. : ) lulliloo.bc@gmail.com
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February 18th, 2009, 10:48 pm #26

a lot of these are available on CommonPleasure.org

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I know I'm almost 10 years late, but I had almost lost hope of finding Rockets and Roosters, Return of Jason, Live from the Cutting Room Floor and the Gratitude Café CDs.

Now that I see that people on here have had them before I just want to ask if someone still has them and is willing to send them to me? I only have some short videos from his concert in Sweden this January to offer...

Much love!!!