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If anyone is willing to trade I have a few Mraz DVD shows I would gladly trade for these. If not and anyone still willing to BnP them for me I would be forever

Here is what I have...


6-27-02 = 1 disc (@Java Joe's)

9-8-02 = 1 disc (@ the Gorge)

9-21-02 = 1 disc (@Java Joe's)

10-15-02 = 1 disc

3-24-03 = 1 disc (House of Blues)

1-06-04 = 1 disc

Austin City Limits = 1 disc

5-22-04 = 1 disc (Today Show)

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Many of you may already know this, and it may not make any difference but I feel inclined to mention that "The Return of Jason Mraz" isn't what I
would call an "album". It's just a collection of live songs someone put together a while back and passed around the web. Many, if not all of
them, are from shows on Just putting that out there since it hadn't been explicitly mentioned yet.

ETA: Eric, check your Yuku mail
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I still want the songs please:)
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Hi! I've been poking around here for some time, and when I saw this thread I just couldn't resist...

I'm interested in the Rhythm Cafe discs, Before Rockets and Roosters, From the Cutting Room Floor, A Jason Mraz Demonstration, and Sold Out (In Stereo). I
don't have much of my own to trade, but I do have some videos that I recorded at one of his recent concerts. If anybody could help me out, i would really
appreciate it!

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I'm going to jump in line. I would love to have them. I unfortunately don't have trade with the handicap of living in Alaska. : )
It's aurora borealis company that I'm tight with...

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a lot of these are available on

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I know I'm almost 10 years late, but I had almost lost hope of finding Rockets and Roosters, Return of Jason, Live from the Cutting Room Floor and the Gratitude Café CDs.

Now that I see that people on here have had them before I just want to ask if someone still has them and is willing to send them to me? I only have some short videos from his concert in Sweden this January to offer...

Much love!!!