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Please review this selection of frequently asked questions before posting any new threads in the main forums.

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Frequently Asked Questions: RKOP

What is RKOP?

You're right here! RKOP is short for Right Kind of Phrase, the name of this very message board.

Who established this board?

Ashley and Andrea, two east coast Mraz fans, originally brought RKOP to a computer screen right in front of you in June 2002.

Who are the administrators and moderators?

RKOP's full-time administrators are Philly and Sookie. Ashley and Andrea still remain associated with the board but no longer actively moderate its

Does Jason or any of the band members post here? What are their usernames?

Jason stops by from time to time under the username mraz to post messages to
the RKOP gang in his forum. This forum is reserved entirely for his
messages. While other band members have been known to browse through here, Toca is the only one who has participated. He posts under the name 0 2Toca N 60sec.

Does anyone on the board personally know the band?

There are a handful of Jason's old friends and family lurking around RKOP (some of whom post from time to time), as well as various managers and music
industry folks. Philly is the only member of the administrative team who is in
contact with Jason and his management. Many people who post here have met the boys after their shows across the country, too.

Where do all of the really old posts go?

Only 20 pages of threads are archived. Unfortunately, due to the daily volume of posts we receive, it means that even threads on page 20 are relatively new
within the past few months.

What is a custom user title and how do I get one?

A user title is the text that appears under your username when you register at the message board. By default it will say "RKOP User," but once you
reach 500 posts, you may request to have it changed to say whatever you want in this thread. One of the admins will change it for you and delete your request post after the change has been

How do I set a photo under my username?

Having a custom picture (avatar) under your username is a setting that you make under your profile in the "Navigation" area; it's a Yuku account
customization and has nothing to do with this board. See here for more info. The image size limit is 100x100 pixels.

How do I add a custom signature to my posts? (ex: banners or quotes)

You can have a custom signature using HTML or bbcodes. Click on "NAVIGATION," then go to "Edit Signature." Choose "Add
Signature"and add your quotes or image links with the proper tags.

How do I get into the RKOP chat?

Via this link, which is also featured at the top of the main
RKOP navigation page.

Has Jason ever participated in a scheduled online chat?

No. Any future plans to do so will be posted at RKOP.

What is nJMc?

Non-Jason Mraz content. It was used in earlier messages (before we created a Non-Jason Mraz forum) to indicate that a post did not relate to Jason.

Why can't I stay logged in?

Your cookie settings shouldn't be set any higher than "Medium." Also, it is best to log in through rather than From there, you will be taken to your Profile, where you can connect directly to the RKOP forum.

I can't post in the FAQ! How do I get my questions answered?

If you feel your question can be answered by one of the board members and isn't covered elsewhere in the FAQ, feel free to post a new thread in Jason Mraz
Discussion. Other FAQ submissions can be sent directly to Philly.
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