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Frequently Asked Questions: Jason Mraz

What nationality is Jason?

Jason is American, but the name "Mraz" is of Czechoslovakian descent (meaning "frost").

Where is Jason from?

Mechanicsville, VA.

Where does Jason live now?

San Diego, CA.

When is Jason's birthday?

June 23. He was born in 1977, making him 31 years old.

How do you pronounce his last name?

Rhymes with "jazz." He has stated in the past, however, that his family's Southern influence changed it to that pronunciation as opposed to it
rhyming with "bras."

What is his middle name?


Which high school did Jason attend?

Jason graduated from Lee-Davis High School in Mechanicsville, VA.

What -- and where -- is Java Joe's?

Java Joe's had many homes, but Jason's career began at its last coffeehouse location at 1956 Bacon St. in Ocean Beach. From 2001 until late 2002,
Jason's Thursday night residency quickly became a much talked about event in and around San Diego, eventually attracting fans lined up around the block,
each hoping to score a highly coveted spot inside the ~125 person-capacity club. Joe closed his doors to the public in September 2002, later relocating briefly
to Kelly's Pub before ending his business for good. Jason continues to contribute his early success to his time spent performing at Java Joe's, where
he was able to establish a strong local fan base and hone his skills as a writer and performer.

What is the address of his official website(s)?

Does Jason have a MySpace account?

Yes, located at

Does Jason have an online journal or blog?

Yes. Jason's journal entries were previously posted on his official
website and at his MySpace
blog. In September 2007 Jason announced a new location for his blog at; this site remains the number one place for the most recent
Mraz musings. Journal entries are also reposted for fan discussion right here at RKOP.

Who is Jason's manager?

Jason is managed by Bill Silva and Les Borsai. Visit Bill Silva
Presents for more information.

Is Jason gay?


When did you first become aware of gay issues?

I guess it was back in high school. Other kids always referred to me as being gay so it sparked interest. After some brief research and
experimentation I realized I was not. My best friend was, however, having come out shortly after high school. I never saw it coming. I just thought he was
way cooler and classier than everyone else.

Is/Was Jason married?

Yes, he was married, during the New Year of 2001. He has since divorced.

Is Jason dating Tristan Prettyman?

No. Jason and Tristan ended their relationship on Valentine's Day, 2006.

How can I contact Jason?

Fan mail can be sent to:

Jason Mraz

PO Box 69A36

Los Angeles, CA 90069

Does Jason read or respond to fan mail?

While Jason makes an effort to read the fan mail he receives, his schedule prevents him from sending personal responses.

What is Jason's e-mail address?

No e-mail address is available for fan contact, but you can leave a message for him here.

How tall is Jason?

Approx. 5'9".

Does Jason always wear a hat?

Most of the time, yes.

How long is a typical Jason Mraz concert?

Anywhere from 30-45 minutes (when he's opening) to 2+ hours.

What is Jason's booking information?

Jason is represented by Little Big Man Booking. For more information, please visit their website. Serious inquiries only, please.

Does he usually sign CDs and take pictures with fans after his shows?

Jason can often be located after a show, but with the sheer number of fans in attendance at his shows, staying around to meet everyone is not always possible.
Please do not go to a show with the expectation or assumption that you will have the opportunity to meet Jason (or any of the band).

Is Jason related to George Mraz?

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