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Juggleboy720 wrote:
Careless Whisper should definitely go on the partials list since (unless I'm wrong) they never did the whole thing. If there is a full version out there someone please point me to it.

As for True and Sweet Child of Mine, are there available recordings of those two (audio or video)? I've been trying to keep this list to recorded examples since non-recorded covers could probably stretch on endlessly. I'm not even sure I know what song "True" is, so if there is a recording out there I'd love to see it.

Thanks for your help!!
You can definitely add "Careless Whisper" to the full song list as the whole song was performed at his London O2 Arena gig on 1st December 2012 😃

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One more -- "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) - George Harrison.  

He sang the entire song and SEVA Benefit in San Francisco this past May. 

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Here's a link for the Kings of Convenience cover -- there are a few recordings on YouTube: [url=

Also, I think it's worth adding "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode, which is (the best) part of the wedding mash-up ending of Lucky. Here's a link to video (Radio City), but just recently, he learned more of the words, so he sings an entire chorus: [url=

I've now heard them do a snippet of "Motown Philly" (Boys II Men) twice as part of the same mash-up, but I ain't got no proof... :)

He also does the "Jambo" part of Lionel Ritchie's "All Night Long" in Dynamo at the moment, but then it's already on your full covers list, so... that's your call.

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^Thanks, Cat! I haven't heard "I'd rather dance with you" in so long! Saw you at Benaroya in Seattle from afar but still was nervous about saying hello. Even after all these years.

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So, it's been a while! About four years to be exact since I last logged in.

Hello to all the fresh Mraz music lovers and hugs to any old friends who still check in from time to time.

I have a question about a duet Jason did with a woman (whose name I can't recall) years ago. It randomly crossed my mind and would love to listen to it again. I believe it was called "When We Meet" I remember some lyric in there referencing stars too. I believe it was somewhere in Europe. Does anyone have an idea which performance I'm describing? Or, even better, can direct me to the video? It would be most appreciated!
Edit to say, I FOUND IT! ... EyJoRCFji0
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