Alright, I need to have an over-25 thread.

All other discussions here.
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13 Oct 2014, 17:17 #25751

Know what's fun? You guys let me post in this thread something like five years ago even though I was too young. I'm actually solidly in the over-25 category now. :') Hope you're well. 

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I totally miss the sunshine of this little corner of the interwebs too! Hope everyone's doing swimmingly amzing~

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oh my loves. You are all missed.  

Let's reminisce shall we? 

What's your favorite live version of any J song. 

mmmm post a vid or a link. 

we can listen together and remember how we got here...
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Ok, I'll bite. Here's one from J's European solo tour in 2007.

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Awesome - classic.

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I think about y'all, and this community so much. This community is what brought me to my wonderful community I live in now. I grew up with y'all. I joined this site when I was 18, now I'm just about thirty.

Thanks for everything. Everyone.
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Hi danielle!  I still come on here periodically to check and see if there is anything new.  I know that most of the people have left and gone on to other sites, (Facebook, etc.) but I really do miss the old RKOP days.  I have met many Jason fans through this site too.   

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I joined this forum when I was 23. I am now 37. The last time i logged in was 4 years ago but I found myself back here today looking for a particular recording. Just wanted to shout you to you all. Forever a fan.