ALL MRAZ TABS HERE: Previously Mraz tabs compilation

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Could someone please send the tabs compilation to Also, anyone know what happened to Thank you Image.

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I would like a copy of the tab compilation as well.  The links don't seem to work and if one does I can't open the .one file.  Does anybody have this?  I would greatly appreciate a copy, if someone had it in a different format like a .pdf or something that would be awesome.

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I would love a copy of the compilation as well if somebody would be so kind to email it to me at

Many thanks in advance!

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Can someone please upload the compilation again?

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Hey, I've just joined... I don't suppose someone could send me these Mraz pages as well could they please? Cheers v. much in advance! it's [][/url]

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Ultimate has an amazing selection of MRAZ tabs...several different versions for each song - most of the ones that are in the compilation.

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I've taken the last version of the OneNote Compilation I have and made it available as a PDF here:

Let me know if you have problems getting to it.

Note: I don't advise printing it - it's 262 pages.
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I looked for this for a loooong time, and to say thank you , I took half an hour to register to this site, man, nice job.Image

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I made an account here just to thank all you wonderful people who contributing to this compilation of tabs.