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Finished! That was an incredible journey for many, many reasons.

Every single riddle was incredible. The brain who designed them has my outmost respect. Solving them brings me an intellectual pleasure. A spiritual one too though; I learnt so many things about Dracula and vampirism in general. And that nostalgia feeling... oh, god. I mean... I was here, browsing on a forum that had post of almost 10 years (!) ago. Back when internet wasn't as evolved as today and people had to co operate, not just here, but for things concerning every single aspect of life. And I was reading posts from people that are now 10 years older than when they were when they first posted them- can you understand how I feel? Isn't it like traveling in time? I don't know any of you, but if I read your posts, the way you write (even though it may be a bit different 10 years later), I'll understand who you are. Get what I mean? I am 21 years old and I believe I belong to the last generation of those who got to understand the true magnificence of the 00's. Oh, and now I love more the whole gothic culture. And H.P. Lovecraft. And some day I'll visit Transylvania. And I think I may start Castlevania (all 30+ titles!) on emulators.

This game is incredible and, at the same time, incredibly underrated. Everyone that loves riddling (sic) and Castlevania, goth culture in general, should be aware of this.

I don't believe you will read what I write. And even if you do, I don't believe you will totally undesrtand my whole point. But just know this; thank you. Thank you all; riddlers, admins, the creator of the riddle, everyone. You all made this one hell of a ride. See you all, hopefully, in DR2!

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It is certainly a bit cringe-inducing to relive what teenage me thought and wrote. Good luck with DR2 .
I can give hints, but please pm me what you have so far.
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