The Greatest Video Game Ever

Discuss your favorite new or classic video games.
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17 Jan 2008, 02:15 #11

In the realm of RPGs, I still have to give it up for Chrono Trigger. Just a downright incredible and involving game with a beautiful soundtrack!

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I've been playing that Mass Effect RPG. Very addictive! (Almost as much as Dracula's Riddle 2.)

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Adventure: Metroid Prime

Pure genious, my absolute favourite game. Gorgeous graphics for its time, running at 60fps constantly, many incredible gameplay ideas like the visors (pure genious), huge and challanging puzzles and bosses. There is not a single game ever made whose atmosphere is anywhere near as awesome as that of Prime. A long game worth playing through over and over again.

Platformer: Super Mario Galaxy

Pure fun. Spherical worlds with gravity is simply awesome. I can't think of a game with more variety that stills pulls everything off as well as Galaxy.

Puzzle: Tetris

Falling blocks are awesome.

RPG: Paper Mario

I haven't played that many RPG's, but Paper Mario killed Pokémon because of its crazy humor, loveable characters and incredible soundtrack. I feel true love for this game, more than towards any other. If I let my heart decide the best game ever, this is it.

Racing: Diddy Kong Racing

I don't care if the game runs at 10fps constantly if it's this awesome. Best Video Game music ever. By far.

Sports: Wii Sports

I haven't played that many, but if you saw my Chemistry teacher play it, you'd agree with me that it must be the greatest sports game ever.

Strategy: Lemmings


Multiplayer: Dracula's Riddle 1

I guess co-op counts here too, right? If so, DR1 is simply the game I've enjoyed playing the most with buddies.

Sandbow: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

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Fan of Nintendo by any chance?

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AvonPaintball @ Jan 18 2008, 11:19 PM wrote: Fan of Nintendo by any chance?

No shit, Sherlock xD

It's not like I hate other consoles (except PS3), it's just that my economy doesn't allow me to buy every console on the market, and since I can't live without Metroid, I don't have much of a choice :P
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28 Jan 2008, 12:54 #16

anyone here ever played the thief series? it's just the best thing ever!!!
half life (all of it) is also great.

as for consoles, well... i'm an atari fan... :D
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halo 2 and halo 3, are the best games ever, especially on xbox live.

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Adventure: Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper is an awesome Adventure game, but the 1st place goes to... Battle of Olympus.
Other - Legend of Zelda - series.

Arcade: King of Dragons and Final Fight will have to be my number ones.
Other - Breakout.

Fighting: Street Fighter II. Awesome music, awesome game.
Other - Street Fighter IV, Dead or Alive 4, Final Fight, Streets of Rage.

Platform: Mega Man-series. The game is as awesome as the music!
Other - Super Mario 64

Puzzle: Sorry Box, but I'll have to say Tetris.
Other - Draculas Riddle I count as a puzzle-game, but other games are Solomons Key and Lolo. Qwirk/Kwirk for the GB is an awesome game as well.

Other: Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, Vandal Hearts, Dragon Warrior, Dragon Quest, Eternal Sonata (Best music ever)

Racing: PGR 4.
Other: Daytona USA, Outrun, RC PRO AM, Carmageddon

Shooter: Counter-Strike Source and Quake Live is my games of choice.
Other: Call of Duty IV, BF:BC2 and Quake 2.

Sports: FIFA 10, Tiger Woods PGA 10, Top Spin 3, Super Tennis, Super Soccer, Tecmo World Cup Soccer, World Cup (NES)
Other: NHL, Table Tennis, NBAgames

Strategy: Sengoku Rance! (Hentai-game but if you look past the hentai, which I do, it's a superfun game.) Also, I like Civilization!
Other: Utawarerumono. (also a hentaigame but look past the hentai and it's awesome.)

Multiplayer: Hmm... Quake Live!
Sandbox: San Andreas! / Prototype!