Shoutbox: yes or no?

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Should this forum have a shoutbox (chatbox)? (please post your reasoning)

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13 Jun 2008, 16:16 #101

If we did have a shoutbox, I think it would probably be best if it only came online every now and then (say, once a week). That way, it wouldn't completely take over the forum, and perhaps it would even be fun.

However, there is already a Dracula's Riddle irc channel, and I also feel like wallowing in my own laziness for at least a little while.
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13 Jun 2008, 16:44 #102

I sit in that channel all day and hardly anyone gets on. People should!! its free and you get to talk to all the forum people, box and anyone else who comes in. Go Here to see how to get in.

In my opinion based on the activity in the IRC channel, not many people would use the shoutbox
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