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Just remember - sometimes the music itself may provide a sure to check and listen...
What fun to get stuck!


Made it to 30, then took a lloonngg break, now I'm trying to get through riddle 13.

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Hi there,
I know this thread is for general discussion but I am seeking some help.
On one particular riddle (68 to be precise) we are required to use external software in order to acquire our answer.
I do not have photoshop but was informed that I could download a prog called GIMP.........The problem is that I have no idea how to use it in order to extract the answer.

If anybody could assist me on this I will be eternally grateful............I do not want to have to quit after I have come so far

Cheers, Flack

No worries, after playing around with GIMP for several hours I actually cracked it. Now that was a tricky one

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actually this one is also very helpful.. i used it several times :)
Please don't ask me for DR hints..
Anyone who is playing the UR.. Good Luck! :wub:
(not playing, but on UR 50)

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CrazyBat @ Feb 5 2007, 11:59 AM wrote: actually this one is also very helpful.. i used it several times :)

Thanks for that info I will also look into this.

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hey i need hint on riddle 15. could someone help me? ive tried everythin that ive read on the section for riddle 15. but still i came out empty handed. ive tried converting the clues and found random letters and dots.. what am i missing?

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Dude, take it in the thread for lvl 15, not here.
DR finished...
DR2 Part 1 finished...

EDIT: Doing DR2 Part 1 again and is stuck :P

You may PM for hints