Trackeditor Glitch!?

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Trackeditor Glitch!?

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03 Sep 2012, 14:45 #1

Uh... this is my first post and question...
While i uses Alt+Tab button, then back to editor, it does thing that i didn't think, like
place module automaticaly...
Are any updates to trackeditor?

NB: Looks my post is crap, btw i uses phone THAN computer at this post.. so yeah whatever
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05 Sep 2012, 04:34 #2

aryo_adhi @ Sep 3 2012, 11:45 AM wrote: Are any updates to trackeditor?

Yes. The Track Editor included in Re-Volt 1.10 is different than the Editor in 1.00.
Dunno what version are you using, but if you update Re-Volt to v1.20, you can make sure that you're running the most updated Editor.

Get RV 1.2 Patch here:

Install to your revolt folder.
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